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Hi! It’s Jilly. When the weather starts to get chilly it makes me want to travel! But, between school, extracurricular activities, and pending (somewhat expensive) holidays, taking a trip isn’t always possible. So what’s a gal to do? Become a hometown tourist!  I’m sure there are so many great things to do right where you live, you might just not see them when busy with your day-to-day life. I’ve compiled a list of things YOU can do to mix up the ho-hum and have some fun close to home!

Hometown Tourist

  • Visit a museum, zoo, or park you’ve never been to.
  • Stay overnight at a hotel a few towns over. Make sure you take full advantage of their pool!
  • Tour a local factory. I know in Phoenix there is the Stuffington Bear Factory and the Cerreta Chocolate Factory that you can tour. Find out what they have near you.
  • Go to lunch at a fancy restaurant you’ve never been to before. Or, go out for breakfast! (I never do that!)
  • Explore a town 1-2 hours away for the day. Who knows what you’ll find.
  • Take a train ride. See if a railway near you has a Polar Express. In New York the Saratoga & North Creek Railway has a Polar Express, and in Northeast Ohio the Cuyahoga Railroad has one. The prices are reasonable, and what a fun memory you would create!

  • Set up a treasure hunt with clues hidden around town. Race against another family or two, and have the last clue lead you to a cute little diner where you can celebrate with hot cocoa.
  • Visit a nursing home and sing for the residents. They love getting visitors!
  • Go to a play or concert. There are shows at the high school and junior high, as well as through local theaters, orchestras, or choirs. I was in children’s choir as a kid, and our concerts were always awesome!
  • Crank up the heat, don your swimsuits, and lay on towels while you watch a “beach”y movie. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Go to a thrift store and see who can find the ugliest sweater. If you’re really brave, go out to dinner afterwards wearing your hideous finds.
  • Find Holiday light displays nearby using the Christmas Light Finder website, or one of the many free smartphone apps.

I hope one of these suggestions piques your interest and helps you have some fun! If you will be traveling this holiday season, check out my tips for flying with children and ways to save money on your vacation. Happy travels!

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Jillian Robertson is the mom of eight-year-old triplets and the wife of a podiatry resident. She is the author of the blog Hi! It’s Jilly, where she shares crafts, recipes, useful tips, and entertaining anecdotes. In her “spare” time she enjoys singing and playing the piano, crafting, planning parties for friends, and watching way too much Food Network & HGTV.

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