Rustic Personalized Name Plaque

Hey folks! Rachel from Architecture of a Mom here, and I’m sharing with you an easy Christmas and home decor idea. What child doesn’t love personalized stuff? If you have little boys on your holiday gift list, you should definitely make these rustic personalized name plaques! This is very easy project that I made for some little guys in my life.

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 All you need to know is what their hobby or favorite show is, and it becomes doubly treasured! The boys that these gifts are for love soccer, football (the Saints, in particular) and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So here’s what you need:

Wood–the more beat up, the better. Just no large splinters.


Paint in a color of your choice. My colors were dictated by the guys–I let them choose their favorite colors!

Vinyl to be custom cut. Typically, I say you can use letter stickers,  but each of these are very customized–I used a Silhouette Portrait to cut mine.


Paste Wax

Here’s what you need to do:

Paint your wood. Depending on the coverage of the chosen paint, you may need to do a couple of coats. It doesn’t have to be perfect since you’re going to distress the wood next.


Next, use the sandpaper to lightly distress the wood. You want to sand the edges and any irregularities more than the rest of the wood–that’s where you would see wear. I’ve used other tools before to distress the wood like a dremel, but this time, I wanted to keep it simple.


Then, cut your names. I also did an image search for a skull and crossbones (Jake and the Neverland style), football and helmet, and a soccer ball. The Silhouette program has a great trace function–so all you need is an image (the simpler the better) and you can cut an image! I selected my fonts (Rockwell Extra Bold, Rustler and Aharoni) and inserted my images. I especially enjoyed inserting a soccer ball where an O should go.


After applying the vinyl, I put a coat of paste wax all over the painted wood. This makes all the colors richer and will protect the paint from chipping more.


Buff the wax to a dull shine.


And that’s it! Any easy gift idea for any little one. I know I focused on the little guys in the post, but I know my girls love anything personalized!

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