Santa Fe Chicken Tortilla Soup

One of my favorite restaurants is Max and Erma’s.  Rain or shine, summer or winter, I always get their Chicken Tortilla Soup and a side salad when I go there.  It’s creamy, cheesey, and I love how the crispy tortillas and some crunch.  The version I made of this tonight isn’t an exact take on it.  But, it’s really good and comes close.  I love a lot of things about fall, and one of them is the use I get out of my crockpot.  In fact, most weeks, there are at least two crockpot meals on our menu….if not more!

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Santa Fe Chicken Tortilla Soup

*1 1/2 cups cooked, shredded chicken breast (or cubed is fine)
*1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
*1 1/2 teaspoon cumin
*2 cups salsa (I just used a 15.5 oz jar)
*2-3 Tablespoons taco seasoning
*1 cup frozen corn
*1/2 brick of cream cheese
*2 cans chicken broth

1.  Put the chicken, black beans, cumin, salsa, taco seasoning, corn, and cream cheese in the slow cooker.
2.  Pour the chicken broth over.  If it doesn’t quite cover the chicken mixture, add water until it does.
3.  Cover and cook on low for about 7 hours.  Give it a stir or two while it is cooking, just to incorporate the cream cheese.
4.  Garnish with shredded cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, green onions, etc.

What is your favorite knock-off recipe?  Do you have a “go to” soup that your family enjoys?


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  1. Ooo, thanks. I’m making a pot of chili in my crockpot this weekend but this will be next in its future.

  2. how many people does this recipe serve thank you.

  3. I made this for a work potluck. Let me tell you, it was a HIT! So delicious. Now I have to make this for all future potlucks at work.

  4. Hi! Can you tell me how many people this serves? Also, can it be cooked in less time in the crock pot?


  5. I have made this about a dozen times and it is a family fav!! So thanks 🙁

  6. Can I put the chicken in raw and let it cook in the crock pot with the other ingredients?

  7. How many people does this serve?/Several people have asked but I do t see any reply. Thank you.

  8. Looks delicious. Want to make it today. does it have to be made in a crock pot?

    • Oh I”m sorry! I just now saw your comment :(. No, I don’t think so. I just do it in the crock pot because it’s easier for me. I’d cook your chicken first if you are going to put it on the stovetop. And simmer it for probably 30 minutes or so.

  9. This soup is amazing!!! I put way more chicken than required, cooked the chicken for 10 hours in the slow cooker then added everything else and cooked it for another 8 hours. It was perfect…and I don’t even like soup.
    Great recipe!!!

  10. Can this be made ahead of time? Like in freezer to crockpot form?

  11. Awesome recipe! This one wowed the pants off of my picky mother in law. Thanks for a great recipe, Carrie. Perfect as written!

  12. I made this tonight and it is the best soup I have ever made. I used aldi mango peach salsa (risky) and added 3 little peppers (not sure what kind, mild heat) from my neighbors garden…the result was the perfect spicy sweet broth. I just hope I can recreate this again.

  13. I have made this recipe lots of times, it is great, thank you!!


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