5 Tips for Shopping Secondhand Stores

Is saving money one of your goals for the New Year?  I am always looking for a way to save a few extra dollars for our family.  One way I save money is to shop at our local consignment shop, as well as sell my items there.    I often have good luck finding items for our daughter, and sometimes her older brothers.  If saving money is one of your goals for 2015, then keep reading!  Today I want to share my 5 Tips for Shopping Secondhand Stores.

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1.  Consider where the consignment shop or Goodwill store is located.  The two I choose to hit are in fairly upscale neighborhoods.  I choose these in hopes of finding some name brand, but still in good condition, finds.  I also think that by choosing the stores in this particular location that there would be fitting rooms {not all secondhand stores have fitting rooms} so I could try on anything I found.

2.  If you’re going to pay for it-even if it’s secondhand-make sure you love it.  I say this because I am VERY picky about my clothes-fit, brand, and longevity.  I also have fallen prey to the mindset that “It’s only $3. It’s okay if I don’t love it.”  Then if I don’t wear something, or it doesn’t fit well, I wasted money and I feel guilty.

3.  Consider buying a size up and give it a good inspection.  I have learned-especially with buying children’s clothes-a size up is helpful.  By the time the item makes it to a consignment sale or Goodwill, it’s probably been worn and washed several times.  Also, I check the seams, zippers, and care labels.

4.  Don’t be afraid to walk away from a “great” bargain. Once, I tried on a pair of COACH canvas slip on shoes.  LOVED them!  They were only $22, and I badly wanted them.  However, they were a bit too tight in the toes, and I didn’t get them just because they were at a super inexpensive price.  I had to leave them behind because I wasn’t willing to pay for something that I wasn’t 100% convinced about.

5.  Look for brands you are familiar with.  I do this because it helps me to expect how the time will fit.   I generally go for Gymboree, knowing it’ll fit my daughter well.  We shop there enough with a good sale, that I know a 6 will fit her, albeit a little big, but that a 5 is too short.  If I’m going to buy second hand, I want it to be decent quality and last a little longer.  I often do well with particular pieces, too. Dresses work out 99% of the time for my daughter, hoodies or sweatshirts almost always fit the twins.  I know what fits my children well, and hunt for those first.

Tell me about your second hand shopping experiences.  I’d love to hear!

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