The Fairy Garden

Hi! I’m Laura from Peace But Not Quiet. I’m so happy to be back here, sharing one of our all-time favorite summer activities.

I love fairy gardens both  because they get kids outdoors and they encourage imagination (for hours. Seriously. If I’d known how popular they would be, I’d have come up with one waaaaaaay before this.)

The Fairy Garden

The great thing about making your own is that you can be as fancy and storebought or as imaginative (and…um…cheap) as you wish. We usually buy one or two small things each year and the kids find the rest of the objects around the house.


window box

We use an old window box for our container.


praying fairy

The fairy herself was one of our special purchases this year.

pond 2

 The kids added an old flower votive for the fairy pond, and some pebbles from the craft store to make a stone path.

flower pot

A small flower pot serves as The Secret Cave and glass pebbles from Michaels are the fairy treasure.


drawer flower

 Someone even came up with a flower-shaped drawer pull, which they planted in the garden as well.

 We used two small groundcover plants in the garden — but herbs like rosemary also work really well as fairy trees.


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