10 of The Best Amazon Home Organization Finds

I have been on a huge mission to edit and organize most every space in our home! This would not be possible without Amazon Prime, and my ever growing list of “things I love” from Amazon.  Today, I am sharing all of this goodness with you!

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Home Organization has always been sort of my “thing”.  I like an organized space, but I didn’t realize HOW organized it could be with a little more effort.

It all started with watching The Home Edit on Netflix, and I was hooked. After making my way through the whole series of these home organization goddesses, I found myself tackling the spaces in our home and “editing” them so they can be more functional. With a lot of Amazon Prime, and taking time to purge a lot of things I don’t need or use, I now have a beautiful pantry and glorious bedroom closet that I love.  Not to mention the smaller spaces, like our drawers and cabinets are looking amazing as well!

Home Organization

Best Home Organization Tips:

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DIY Pantry Labels to organize your home #diypantrylabels #kitchenorganization #homeorganization

While you’ll find some great tips in those posts, below you’ll find what I have personally been using to not only organize, but also freshen up our spaces.  Starting small leads to big results!  

  • Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set ~ My husband gifted this to me for Christmas…and I love him for it! I use it for our baking supplies, and they fit so well in my cabinet I have dedicated for baking. I also like to store the pasta and some almonds in them as well. 
  • Chef’s Path Cereal Storage Container Set ~ I love these because they are compact, but also fit a whole box of cereal in them. They keep it nice and fresh, too.  We have our cereal in a corner lazy susan cabinet, and these are perfect for that space.
  • Chef’s Path Plastic Food Storage Set ~ These sets house our grains, rice, dried potatoes, quinoa, etc.  They stack so nicely, and I even made cute labels for them! 
  • Can Rack Organizer ~ Admittedly, I was a little unsure with how this would work on our wire shelves. But it’s awesome.  All my cans are in one place, and it has adjustable dividers for different size cans.

Home Organization

  • Adjustable Pot Organizer Rack ~ This can be repositioned to fit almost any space! We have it in our under cabinet, by the oven. I love this because I am not stacking the pans on themselves, so they aren’t being scratched. Also, I don’t have to move all of them to get to the one I want!
  • Multi-Size Desk Organizer Set ~ This set is so versatile.  I have it in my home office desk drawer. I also have some in my bathroom to organize my make up.  The various sizes of compartments allow you to use it for almost anything, and you can combine several together to fit a drawer perfectly.
  • Lazy Susan Turntables ~ These are a game changer in the pantry.  In ours, I have our cooking oils on one, frequently used items on another. I also have two small ones in my baking cabinet for sprinkles and such.

DIY Pantry Labels to organize your home #diypantrylabels #kitchenorganization #homeorganization

  • Non Slip Velvet Hangers ~ These are closet perfection. After I changed all my plastic hangers for these, my closet looks amazing.  First, they all match.  Second, these are really huge space savers! And, my clothes aren’t slipping off or hanging haphazardly in the closet. Love them!
  • Clear Handbag Organizer ~ I have an “accessory” area in my closet…and this is hanging right there!  It keeps my handbags in sight..because if I don’t see them I won’t use them, and I appreciate that it keeps the dust off of them as well.
  • Scarf Hanger ~ My scarves get all bunched up and wrinkly…and I can’t stand that!  This is my most recent organization piece, and it’s fabulous.  They hang so nicely, and then they don’t get wrinkly!

Tackling your spaces to make them more organized and manageable doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive! Take it one step at at time, and soon you’ll have an organized and happy space!

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