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10 Walt Disney World Autograph Ideas

Do you like to collect autographs at Walt Disney World?  We do! After many trips to the Disney Parks, we have come up with some fun Walt Disney World Autograph Ideas! 

Disney Autograph Ideas

Over the years, we have found some great and unique ways to collect autographs at Walt Disney World.  Whether it is the original blue Disney Parks autograph books, something we created from home, or letters spelling out our daughter’s name….we have managed to come back with some fun memories!

One of my favorites was during our visit to Akershus. This was our first princess dining experience…so sweet!  I had the princesses sign her Little Golden Books, in addition to her princess autograph book.  The Little Golden Books are my favorite, and we have added to the collection since!  Love them!  So, today I want to share with you 10 Unique Disney Autograph Ideas!

1. Wooden Letters.  Whether you are spelling out someone’s name, a character’s name, or your initials, these make a fun idea! To manage these in the parks, I suggest taking one or two at a time.  When those are full, or you have enough autographs, leave them in your resort room and take more.  Upon arriving home, you can hang these on the wall.  So cute!

2.  Pillowcase.  Make sure you take a fabric marker for this one.  If your child has Disney themed bedding-even better!  A pillowcase won’t take up much room in your touring bag, and it’s something you’ll have for a long time.  Sweet dreams every night with your child’s favorite character! I like to create my own Disney Autograph Pillowcases.  These are so easy, and make a nice keepsake.

3.  Mouse Ears.  Disney sells Mouse Ears in a variety of colors-some of which are great for autographing.  These are so cute!  My daughter’s first ears are pink, with her name embroidered on them.  How I WISH I had taken them around to have them autographed! Using a black or metallic Sharpie on the ears works really well.  The metallic on the black ears makes them look SO cool. 

4.  A T-shirt.  Not just any t-shirt, get one from the year of your visit!  This also folds up easily in your touring bag, and will make a fun conversation piece or souvenir for your child.  I save a lot of my more “sentimental” clothes that my children wear.  After they outgrow it, you can put it in a shadow box, along with some other souvenirs, and hang it in their room.  Or, did you make a homemade Disney t-shirt?  Use that one!  Keep in mind that your t-shirt cannot be on your body if you want the characters to sign it.

5.  Postcards.  Postcards are cheap, and easy to carry around.  Have the characters sign postcards, and stash them away for later.  You can mail them to your child between trips, put them in a surprise package to announce your next Disney vacation, or use them in a scrapbook!

6.  Canvas Tote Bag.  You can pick these up to personalize at most craft stores-like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  Again, be sure to use fabric markers.  You could collect A LOT of autographs on a tote bag.  You’ll be able to use it for a library book bag, running errands around town, etc.  It would make a wonderful conversation piece.  Using some heat transfer vinyl is an easy way to personalize the bags before you go.

7. Stuffed Animals.  Take your stuffed Mickey to Chef Mickey’s or Cape May Cafe, and have the characters sign his hands and feet!

8.  Squares of Fabric.  Cute out quilt squares, and take them along with you to the parks.  The characters can autograph them, and when you get home, stitch them together to make a blanket.  Make sure they are big enough for the characters to sign, or you could cut them down when you get home.  Many craft stores carry Disney themed fabrics.  You could make a really pretty Disney Princess blanket, or one with the classic characters!  

9.  Wood Frames.  Visiting the fairies in Pixie Hollow?  Take along some wooden frames from the craft store.  After they sign them, you can add some glitter paint when you get home-gives it a sort of “pixie dust” look :).

10. Autograph Books.  These aren’t super unique, but if you make your own they can be!  With some scrapbook paper, stickers, a hole punch, and some ribbon you’ll have a DIY Autograph Book in no time ! My kids all have traditional ones from the Disney parks-and we love them.  There’s something nostalgic about them!

Not only do these Disney autograph ideas make a great souvenir, they are also fun conversation pieces. When visiting Anna and Elsa, they were so excited to see “their storybook” and sign it. We have also taken previous photos and put them into a Shutterfly photo book.  Then, we take that on our next trip for the characters to sign.  This is one of our favorite ways to collect autographs on Disney Cruise Line.  They pack easily, and are simple to carry around the ship.

So, what ideas do you have?  Are you inspired to think outside the box on your next trip?  I’d love to hear about it!



  1. I just had to thank you for the adorable book idea. We have the Princess Storybook Breakfast booked for our next trip (32 days! EEEK!) and it was just too cute not to steal! 😉 Books were purchased this afternoon and my girls can’t wait to have them ‘signed.’

  2. My first trip will be this summer. I’m collecting the cover art from old VHS (DVD art from newer releases) tapes in a binder. For the ones I get signed I plan to mount them on scrapbook paper and hang them as wall art!

  3. I am totally stealing your Golden Books idea, and am collecting as many as I can to keep in our library for future reading. Thanks!

    1. Yay! I hope it works out! They are one of our absolute favorite souvenirs ever!

  4. I did a photo book at my local Walgreens with photos of my daughter on a previous visits and had them authograph their photo. Great response from characters and their handlers.
    On a Christmas visit we got wooden snowflakes and had them autograph and pasted their pictures on after returning home and great Christmas ornaments for the tree.
    For Star Wars trip made a poster of my daughter with Jedi Mickey and had them signed the poster
    Always looking for unique ways for this memory hope this helps someone else

    1. OH that sounds so amazing! How fun! I love the snowflake idea, too!

  5. We bought the Disney Character Encyclopedia and had each character sign their page!

    We also purchased a large blank Vinylmation for our last trip to have the characters sign. It looks so amazing in my son’s room.

    1. Oh, I love that idea! I am sure it turned out cute!

  6. Really smart ideas!!!
    I’ve not thought to get so creative!

  7. LOVE the Golden Books idea!! I’m gonna have to use that one once character meet and greets open back up!

  8. These are all great ideas! I especially love the Little Golden Books. Super cute!

  9. Michele C. says:

    I love the little Golden Books idea. Creative!!

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