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20 Easy Cake Mix Cookie Recipes

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Are you craving cookies, but need them quick and without a lot of effort?  I have put together TWENTY Cake Mix Cookie Recipes for you! Lemon, Chocolate, Funfetti….you name it, the flavor is here!

Using cake mix for cookies couldn’t be easier! The base ingredients are already in the mix.  You just need to add a few common baking ingredients, mix in some candies or chocolate chips, and you are all set! Cake Mix cookies come together so easily, and they are SO good. I have tried my hand at cake mix cookies…and in a lot of ways, I prefer them to the traditional cookies! 

These recipes ideas will get your creativity flowing and your kitchen smelling delicious in no time!


Cake Mix Cookie Recipes

Cake Mix Cookie Recipes

Whether you need a simple cookie recipe to bake with your young child, a quick treat to take to a neighbor, or a fun plate of cookies to put out for a picnic…..there is a recipe here for you!  Which one will you be trying?

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