20+ Home Organization Ideas

Home organization is a huge passion of mine! I love a well organized pantry, cabinets, and an easy work space. Home organization doesn’t have to be challenging or stressful! With a few simple changes, you can organize spaces in your home one step at a time. Below you will find over 20 Home Organization Ideas to get you started!

Organizing your home does not have to be expensive or stressful! You would be surprised at what you can do with what you already have! Whether it is a small kitchen cabinet, a pantry, or your child’s room, an organized space can make your life less chaotic.

General Tips for Home Organization:

Declutter. First, remove what you are not using or can live without from the space. For me, that is sorting things into piles of keep, trash, and donate. As I touch each item, it goes in one of those piles.

Invest in sturdy containers and durable shelves. For a kitchen, I love pull out drawers in my cabinet. I also like to see what is in my pantry, so most things are in a clear bin and arranged in zones.

Use clear plastic organizers in your drawers. There is nothing that stresses me more than a utensil drawer where I can’t find anything.

Lazy Susans and turn tables are a HUGE space saver. You can use these in cabinets, on shelves, and keep everything easily within reach.

Below, I have 20+ Home Organization Ideas for every area of your house! Where are you starting your home organization journey?

20+ Home Organization Ideas

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