5 Home Organization Tips You Need Right Now

Home organization tips is probably my most searched topic on Pinterest.  You?  Home organization falls at the top of my “Things I Love to Do” list.  It is right up there with menu planning…..and if that doesn’t give you a glimpse into my personality, I’m not sure what will!  Home organization can be daunting, and sometimes feel like an endless task! But today, I am going to share with you the 5 Home Organization Tips you need RIGHT NOW! 

While we have all been at home more, I have come to see our living space in a new light.  I have realized that I need to be using the space we have in the most efficient way for our family…and that means some purging and then some organizing!  My daughter and I have come to realize that “you can’t organize your stuff until you make a mess.”  While that may seem contradictory, my approach to organizing areas in our home starts with seeing what is already in the space.  That means taking EVERYTHING off a particular shelf before organizing it. Or, laying out all the shoes and purging, then putting back what I want to keep.  Those sorts of things.  

And while that is all well and good, KEEPING the space functional and usable is a totally different story. 

Start with a small, manageable space….and ONE area at a time! 

This could be your hall closet, under your bathroom or kitchen sink, or even a toy shelf in the playroom.  Think about what your goals are for that space. What do you use most frequently in that area?  And, how can you make it easily accessible? 

Home organization doesn’t have to be scary

If you have binge watched The Home Edit on Netflix, or follow them on Instagram, you will be familiar with the term “editing”.  You are enhancing, editing your space to make it work for you.  And this means, purging.  What can you live without?  While you may be recovering long lost items, if you have lived without them this long…chances are, they could find a new home elsewhere. This may not be trashing the items.  Perhaps they make more sense in another kitchen cabinet.  Maybe your bathroom cleaning supplies should be moved to under the bathroom sink, where you actually use them….not under the kitchen sink.  Make piles and assess from there.

Home Organization

Group like items together, so you can put them back in a functional way. 

I recently edited and purged my kitchen utensils. Before this, they were just in random sections in the drawer organizer, no rhyme or reason.  Now, all the wooden spoons are in one slot, spatulas are in another, serving spoons and utensils still in another slot.  This makes it so much easier for me to function and actually use the items I have.  This also works especially well in a bedroom closet. I have my clothes arranged by season, then by color, then by type. So for example, all my tank top and sleeveless shirts are hanging together, organized by color.  Then it moves to my short sleeve t shirts, into my thinner long sleeve shirts.  And so on…..

Consider your space an investment.  

One thing, do NOT go out and buy a whole bunch of containers and then try to organize your area.  You need to know what you have, and then decide what works best for you. An example of this is my shoes.  I LOVE the idea of clear, acrylic shoe boxes arranged nicely on a shelf in my closet.  My closet isn’t set up for that.  So, I use a hanging shoe organizer in a small corner of my closet, next to my handbags.  Investing your time and then some money into organizing a space is motivation to keep it that way!

Maximize your space with containers.

The Dollar Tree, the Container Store, Amazon, and Target all have great items to organize your stuff neatly.  Using these containers is key to keeping your space organized and keeping you accountable. I have adopted a “no packaging” rule if possible in our closets.  This means that anything in box or package gets opened and goes in a basket or container. For example, in my bathroom closet, you’ll see rolls of toilet paper in a woven basket on the floor of the closet.  You know how when you open a pack of toilet paper or paper towels, you start using them, and they become impossible to stack neatly! Or for the pantry, we have no pasta boxes in there!  The pasta all lives nicely in a clear storage container. 

The containers also serve as zones.  In our bathroom, I have containers for my extra toiletries, and my husband has containers for his.  I have all of our extra toothpaste out of the boxes, and the tubes are stored in a clear storage container.  This keeps small things organized, and helps me see when we are running low on items.

Starting with these small steps will magically transform your house into a neat, organized, and functional space….one area at a time!  While you may have to revisit some of these steps as you continue to find that functional system that works for you, you will have a great foundation for quickly and efficiently maintaining that space. It feels so good to organize your space, and with these tips, you can maintain that organization as well!

What space will you start to organize first? I hope that these home organization tips will set you in the right direction to start small, and have big results! It’s always a good time to tackle a space in your home and organize it for more functionality!

Carrie Hurst

Married to my high school sweetheart, we are raising two pirates and a princess. A lifelong Disney fan, lover of good food, and all things creative, I hope you will join me in sharing joy and making memories everyday.

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