7 Magical Reasons To Love Disney’s Moderate Resorts

Disney’s Moderate Resorts are loved by so many guests. Walt Disney World has over twenty onsite resorts, each with their own unique theming and offerings.  But, what can you expect from your experience at a moderate resort on Disney property?  I can’t wait to share that with you!

Disney’s Moderate Resorts are a happy place to call home for many guests. Choosing my favorite Walt Disney World Resort is like choosing my favorite child.  It’s just not possible! When my travel guests ask me for resort recommendations, I can easily recommend one resort in each category and often they land on the moderate resort. The moderate resort category as a whole is filled with great resort options, different room set ups for various family types, and amenities to meet your needs while you call that particular resort “home” for your time at Disney World.

Disney's Moderate Resorts

But why the moderate resorts?  What is the draw to them for so many of the guests at Disney?  Let’s dive in to why I love the moderate resorts!

What are the Moderate Resorts at Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World is home to five moderate resorts on property.  Disney’s Caribbean Beach, Disney’s Coronado Springs, Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter, Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside, and the Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort. 


Of the moderate resorts, I love the theming and size of the Port Orleans Resorts.  You can’t go wrong with either one, but French Quarter is a bit smaller.  They are both quaint, you can go back and forth between the two to use the pools and access dining locations.  However, if I had to choose a moderate to call home at this moment, it would be Caribbean Beach.  The Skyliner access, along with the updated rooms and updated resort experience overall, this resort is really coming out on top.  Also, it is very centrally located to both Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. 

Why do guests love these Disney resorts?

First, the moderate resorts have double vanities in the rooms.  Why is this important?  Because even though several of these resorts sleep up to 5 guests in a room, that doesn’t mean there is a lot of extra space.  However, the double sink area at the moderate resorts makes it so much easier for two or more people to get ready at the same time. Essentially, you could have three people in the bathroom area at once.  Two at the sinks and one in the separate shower/toilet area.  


Most of the moderate resorts sleep up to 5 guests.  Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside and Caribbean Beach both offer rooms with a 5th sleeper along with the standard two queen beds. Keep in mind, the 5th sleeper is geared toward younger kids, preferably age 10 and under. However, as in our family, the older the kids get the less then like sleeping together! This is a perfect set up for a family. Secondly, the Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort actually sleep 6.  There is a queen and a set of bunks in the master bedroom, along with a pull down bed in the living area.  All three of these resorts are ideal for families larger than 4 or who want separate sleeping areas for their family members.

Recent room renovations have taken place at the moderate resorts, and still continue to take place. Hardwood floors, elevated beds to allow storage underneath, updated color palettes, and updated bathrooms are just part of the renovations.  These updates keep the rooms fresh, and are making the rooms more comfortable for guests.  Plus, they are keeping the fun Disney touches.

Disney's Moderate Resorts

Location of the moderate resorts is amazing. While you can’t just hop over to Magic Kingdom via a walkway, or be in the World Showcase in literally 7 minutes like you can from the EPCOT Resorts, the location of the moderates is pretty stellar.  Of these, I think Caribbean Beach is the most centrally located. Before the Skyliner came into play, guests could be at EPCOT or Hollywood Studios in literally minutes via the motorcoach. In fact, I think if there was a safe way, you could almost walk to the Boardwalk area from Caribbean Beach….but don’t try that.  Now with the addition of the Skyliner, Caribbean Beach gives guests super easy and quick access to not only two parks, but also several resorts.


Right at the top of this location list is also the Cabins at Ft. Wilderness. Talk about a great location for the price! This gives guests boat transportation access to Magic Kingdom, as well as the surrounding resorts.  Don’t get me wrong, the Disney Springs access from the Port Orleans resorts is a win. 

Disney’s moderate resorts offer the best of both worlds with dining options.  You’ll find BOTH table service and quick service dining options at the moderate resorts.  While they don’t house any character dining, the table service options are great. In my opinion, this puts them a step above the value resorts and a step below the deluxe resorts in terms of dining options. Their food courts and quick service areas are MUCH more plentiful and have more options than the deluxe resorts.  However, there are also great, quiet, and low key sit down options available if you want that type of food ~ just no characters.

The swimming pools at Disney’s moderate resorts are their best feature.  The pool that stands out to me as the best is the Dig Site at Coronado Springs.  The slide at this pool is much larger than the others. Secondly, the theming of that area is so fun. My kids LOVED the Dig Site at Coronado Springs. Also, each moderate has quiet pools, in addition to the feature pool. All the feature pools are well themed, and some like the Port Orleans have smaller splash play areas for kids. I would say the least “exciting” is the pool at Ft Wilderness, seeing as it is a pretty typical “campground” pool and not super exciting.  If I was choosing a moderate resort on pools alone, that would not be my choice.

Disney's Moderate Resorts

You will not be disappointed with your stay at a moderate resort at Walt Disney World! I can help you find the perfect one for your family!  Email me at carrie@destinationsinflorida.com for more information and to choose your “home” for your next Walt Disney World vacation!






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