A Pirates Adventure-Treasures of the Seven Seas {FAVORITE Disney Tip}

Well, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve shared a Favorite Disney Tip, hasn’t it?  I’m hoping to get back into my regular posting of these on Wednesdays.  So, today I want to share with you an experience our family really enjoyed on our recent trip to Walt Disney World-A Pirates Adventure Treasures of the Seven Seas.  


Cinderella Castle

A Pirates Adventure-Treasures of the Seven Seas is found in Adventureland, close to Tortuga Tavern, and to the left as you exit Pirates of the Caribbean.  This is a short, interactive treasure hunt around Adventureland.  You are given a magic talisman, and the cast member helps you scan it on the giant treasure map.  From here, you are given your assigned adventure.  There are 5 maps that you can be assigned-Head’s You Lose, Guardian’s Curse, Haven’s Defense, A King’s Ransom, and Blackbeard.


Each adventure takes about 20 minutes, and you are only in Adventureland.  You venture into gift shops and sometimes you find your clue in a prop outside of an attraction.  After you have finished your map, you can return to the Crow’s Nest and get another one.  The nice thing about this is that you can take your time, enjoying Adventureland while searching for your clues.  Or, you can dedicate your time to it, and do a few back to back.  That is what we did.  While our three year old was sleeping in the stroller, the boys were able to enjoy A Pirates Adventure-Treasures of the Seven Seas.  


We would definitely do this again, and the maps made a great FREE souvenir.  We kept the maps, and the talisman, and the boys were happy with that.  I think this is a great activity for the mid afternoon slump at Disney.  We didn’t want to leave the park, but it wasn’t quite dinner time, and we were all tired of waiting for attractions.  The boys had wanted to do this from the second they saw it, and I’m really glad we let them participate.

A Pirates Adventure-Treasures of the Seven Seas

Have you tried A Pirates Adventure-Treasures of the Seven Seas?  If not, I highly recommend it!  What activities does your family like to do that aren’t attractions at Disney?

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