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Hi, I am Carrie! Welcome to A Princess and Her Pirates!  I am glad you are here!

Like you, I am just trying to keep it all together everyday, as my husband and I navigate the fairytale of parenthood. We are working our way through the teenage and young adult years with our children, and trying to find joy in all the things!

I started A Princess and Her Pirates to share my love for Disney travel, creating beautiful things, and cooking. You can also find me on Kids on a Plane, where I share my favorite Disney and Universal planning tips once a month.

Here on this site, I share my adventures in being a mom to twins and a princess, our firsthand travel experiences, and anything I can create with my Silhouette Cameo or in the kitchen!


After working as a middle school Language Arts teacher for nearly 10 years, I decided my fairytale needed to be rewritten. So I left my classroom to start my travel agent business, and now I spend my days as a work at home mom being a part of fantastic vacation memories for so many families as a travel advisor with Destinations to Explore. Add to the mix twin boys who are navigating their way into adulthood, and a teenage girl, our life is interesting all.the.time.

I know there are so many moms out there who are on the same adventure….and trying to be the best they can for their families. Dreaming big dreams and following my heart have led me to where I am today!

Our family has always had a love for travel, and that is why I created A Princess and Her Pirates. I believe that your everyday life can be a fairytale, and that joy is in every situation! Whether it is cleaning up dinner, crafting with your children, or serving your family a fresh baked batch of cookies, there can be joy and pixie dust in every small moment!

As a Columbus, Ohio native, we have found a love for exploring the world outside of the Buckeye State. For almost 20 years, our family has vacationed to many places, and the majority of that time has been at Walt Disney World or on Disney Cruise Line. We have recently found a love for seeing the National Parks. We have visited South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, and Tennessee several times. I share my firsthand travel experiences, what works for us, and hopefully what will work for your family! I also have a creative side that likes to pop out. Where there is vinyl, glitter, or a glue gun, I believe there is a craft to be made.


As a trusted writer for Kids on a Plane, as well as for my own blog, I write about what I know and have experienced first hand. I love to share my knowledge with a personal touch and my readers have responded to my natural writing style. I’ve worked with DecoArt, Shutterfly, American Greetings, 3M, Blue Bunny, Starbucks, Nestle, and more.

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Carrie Hurst

Not only do I love sharing all my vacation tips and ideas here on A Princess and Her Pirates, but I also work alongside families to create magical vacation memories year after year! Email me at to begin the planning process, and join hundreds of families on my current guest list.