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Best Places to Rest at Walt Disney World

Find the best places to rest at Walt Disney World is not impossible! The Disney parks are full of quiet places to rest your feet, let the kids have a nap, or even just take a minute to plan your next attraction.

While you are on your Walt Disney World vacation, you are bound to get tired!  You are walking and standing more than you may in a normal day. Your kids are taking in all the sites and sounds as you are making your way through the parks, and sometimes everyone needs a reset. Some days, you may not be able to work in some time at your Walt Disney World Resort, and that is okay! Find the best places to rest is key for a fun trip!

Just because you are in a Disney park doesn’t mean you can’t find a quiet place to rest and recharge! Most every Walt Disney World Park is equipped with some quiet places, and today I want to share those with you!

Best Places to Rest at Walt Disney World

Best Places to Rest at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park

First, let’s start with Magic Kingdom. In Magic Kingdom, there are a few attractions that are quiet, and they give you a good amount of time to sit down and rest.  Two of the best places to rest at Disney World are found in Tomorrowland!

The Carousel of Progress is fantastic for catching a rest. It’s dark, cool, and a lengthy attraction in comparison to others. I can’t say I haven’t napped on this a time or two. This is located all the way at the back of Tomorrowland, between Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Space Mountain. The Carousel of Progress is also a great place to feed a baby. The chairs are comfortable, and if your little one needs to nurse or take a bottle, this gives you a great opportunity to do so without going to the Baby Care Center or leaving the park.

Not far from the Carousel of Progress is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover. While this attraction is not air conditioned, it still gives you a good breeze as you ride around and take in the views of Tomorrowland. I think this attraction is relaxing, and is perfect when you have little kids. They love looking out over Tomorrowland to see what is going on, and mom and dad can rest their feet and minds as you take a ride. I also use this attraction a lot to regroup our plans and check for any Disney Genie+ availability.

Places to Rest at Walt Disney World

Also in Tomorrowland is the Tomorrowland Terrace. This is a dining location, but mostly used to house the dessert parties at Magic Kingdom.  When it is open, it makes a great quiet place. While you are resting, your kids can run off some energy, as it is a large area. Also, there are nice bathrooms right here, that usually aren’t busy.

Another great spot to rest in Magic Kingdom is over in Liberty Square. Just behind the Ye Olde Christmas Shop is a nice shaded area with benches. This is right around where Princess Tiana used to meet, or where you may find Mary Poppins. While it is in the open air, it is still quiet and gets you out of the main walkways so you can have a few minutes to recharge.

If you want to get out of Magic Kingdom completely, but you aren’t staying at a Magic Kingdom Resort, you can still hop over to one of the nearby resorts via the monorail or a water taxi.  The Walt Disney World Resorts are by far some of the best places to rest at Disney World. If you want to take some quiet time, visit Wilderness Lodge. On the upper level of the lobby you’ll find comfy chairs and fireplaces.  Perfect places for quiet! Also, Wilderness Lodge is a quiet resort overall. Another resort that I find to be quiet is the Grand Floridian.  The lobby is large, and there is often a piano player in there to provide some nice background music. The soft colors and large couches in the lobby area make it a great place to relax.

Places to Rest at Walt Disney World

Best Places to Rest at Disney World in EPCOT

Moving on to EPCOT, there are some great places in this park to rest as well. The first that comes to mind is Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth is the first attraction you come to when you enter the park. We like to save this for a mid afternoon attraction, especially when it is hot. I have been known to nap on this a time or two. It is so slow moving, dark, and cool inside. Also, like Carousel of Progress, it is longer as far as time goes than other attractions.  So you really have a good amount of time to rest and recharge.

Another great area for resting at EPCOT is the Living Seas Pavilion.  There are a few areas to sit, but you could also sit on the floor against the wall and not be in anyone’s way. This is the area you exit as you disembark the Seas with Nemo and Friends. The lighting in this area is relaxing, dark, and the aquarium tanks with the sea life make it very low key.  

World Showcase has some fantastic gardens where you can rest, as well The UK Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, and Canada Pavilion all come to mind in terms of a relaxing place. Each of these have a quiet garden area, off the beaten path, where you can recharge for a few minutes. Most have benches or seating as well. This is one of the more unique, and in my opinion, one of the best places to rest at Walt Disney World.

Best Places to Rest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Animal Kingdom, you would think, would be a super relaxing park. Of all the parks, I think Animal Kingdom has the best places to rest at Walt Disney World when you need an entirely serene environment.

The greenery, lush jungle feel, the animals….all of those lend themselves to relaxation. The first place that comes to mind here is the Na’avi River Journey attraction. This attraction is slow moving and dark, and the blue lighting makes it very soothing. Since this is an attraction for all ages, I think it is one that the whole family will find relaxing.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Between Pandora and Africa is a “secret” walkway. This is a low traffic area, because not a lot of guests know about it, so it is quiet. Also, it is shaded.  And while there is no seating, it is at least quiet and somewhat shaded, so you can take some time to pause and regroup.

Another great option are the walking trails around the Tree of Life. These, and the Tree of Life area in general, are very quiet and you don’t have a lot of the extra noise that comes from being in the theme parks.

Best Places to Rest at Disney World in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios does have a few quiet places, as well! Outside of the Tower of Terror, there are some good places.  If you exit Tower of Terror and go to the right, there is a brick ledge to sit on. Also, just behind the coffee cart at the exit of Tower of Terror is a good spot as well.

Near Pixar Place, you may find a few spots. At the end of the street of Pixar Place, it can be fairly quiet most times. Also, near the Incredibles Meet and Greet there is a shady spot and a place to get away from the rain! Another great place is the exit of Walt Disney Presents. After you have walked through this area, there are some benches at the exit. 

Leaving Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a rest is easy as well. You can be at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn in a matter of minutes via a water taxi or the Skyliner.  Take one of these to the Boardwalk, and this area is fairly quiet during the day. There are some nice benches and tables situated along the Boardwalk as well.  Also, you have the option of going into the Boardwalk Inn, Beach Club, or Yacht Club resort.  Each of these have quiet seating as well.

Baby Care Centers are found in every park. There is one per park, so while they are well stocked and VERY useful, they may not be very convenient in terms of location. Still, I think they are a great option for your family.  First, the Baby Care Centers have a living are for the rest of the family to hang out while you are taking care of the little one. There is a sofa, TV, a table, and sometimes games or coloring sheets for kids. The Baby Care Centers also are stocked with quite a few essentials for purchase. The obvious, such as diapers, wipes, formula, etc. But then also they sell pacifiers, small bottles of medicine, bottle supplies, nursing supplies, etc. They are very well stocked.

These facilities also have a private nursing area. Not only that, they have a full kitchen with a microwave, sink, and oven, as well as a feeding area.  In the feeding area are high chairs, and there is also a room with plenty of changing tables.

Overall, there are plenty of places to rest and recharge in the Disney Parks and at some of the nearby resorts. While taking a mid afternoon break at your Walt Disney World resort to swim or rest, that may not always work well in your plans.  Or, if you are not staying on Disney property, going back to your hotel or off site resort can be very time consuming.  Your Disney vacation does not have to be packed and on the go ~be sure to take time to rest!

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Best Places to Rest at Walt Disney World

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