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Best Quick Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

I am excited to share what I think are the best quick service restaurants at Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is my absolute favorite of the four Disney theme parks, and I actually look forward to eating Quick Service at Magic Kingdom! While Magic Kingdom may not have the best Quick Service Restaurants when looking at all four parks, my list of favorites offers some great dining for your family!

When guests think of eating at Quick Service Restaurants on their Disney vacation, one might think that means burgers, pizza, and chicken tenders at EVERY meal.  Especially when traveling with kids.  It seems as if the kids’ choices are somewhat limited.  However, the portions are so huge for adults, we don’t mind sharing some veggies, salad, or pasta with our kids.  We often order one or two adult meals or add in a kids meal and share amongst all of us!

Best Quick Service Dining at Magic Kingdom #magickingdom #disneydining #wdw #disneytips

This is not only an economical way to approach Quick Service dining, but gives your family a variety of foods to eat and try. While Magic Kingdom is not known for its dining in general, it’s worth checking out some of these quick service restaurants.

What are the Best Quick Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom?

Pinochhio Village Haus, located in Fantasyland. Easily my FAVORITE counter service restaurant at the Magic Kingdom.  Pinocchio’s used to be the best {or really only} place on Disney property to find flatbreads. In turn, this made the location super popular, and it is my favorite. The flatbreads are the star of the menu. However, the sandwiches and salads are also very good. 

It’s located next to ‘it’s a small world’.  If you choose a window seat, you can watch ‘it’s a small world’ load and unload guests.  Give them a friendly wave! Pinocchio Village Haus does get very busy during peak times. It really is the only Quick Service restaurant in Fantasyland. So to avoid the rush, place a Mobile Order while in line for Peter Pan’s Flight or during Festival of Fantasy.

Best Quick Service Dining at Magic Kingdom #magickingdom #disneydining #wdw #disneytips

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, located in Tomorrowland.  This counter service restaurant lacks NO variety!  It’s set up in bays-three of them to be exact.  Here, you can get half a rotisserie chicken, barbeque pork sandwiches, burgers, chicken, turkey sandwiches, and even chicken noodle soup!  It also has a large eating area, and sometimes Sonny Eclipse will perform while you’re eating.  

We really love to enjoy Cosmic Ray’s during a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This is one of the Quick Service locations at Magic Kingdom that is open during a hard ticket event. The seating is very plentiful, and if you choose a window seat, you can have some stellar views of Cinderella’s Castle while you eat. It is also very large inside, so if it is busy, you still have room to spread out.

Columbia Harbor House, located in Liberty Square.  Looking for some fresh seafood?  You will find tuna sandwiches, lobster rolls, fish and chips, and grilled salmon here.  Maybe a hummus sandwich or some clam chowder sound good for lunch or dinner.  They also have some good salads on their menu.  This is an excellent counter service restaurant for dinner, in my opinion.

Columbia Harbor House is great if you want a break from “normal” quick service foods. The solid seafood menu gives you lots of choices, and it is just really good qualify food.

Best Quick Service Dining at Magic Kingdom #magickingdom #disneydining #wdw #disneytips

Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Tavern, located in Frontierland.  Having been to Magic Kingdom tons of times, I finally took time to eat at Pecos Bill’s on my last trip. I never knew how amazing it was-I was totally missing out! The Mexican menu gives you some awesome variety when it comes to Quick Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom. Pecos Bill’s is themed after a Western saloon, and is THE spot at Magic Kingdom if you are craving Mexican food.

My favorite menu item is the Nachos. The portion is HUGE, and they are quite good. Like Cosmic Ray’s, the inside is rather large and has good seating. However, I prefer to get a table along the walkway from Frontierland to Adventureland, and people watch while I eat!

Why Should I Eat at a Quick Service Restaurant at Magic Kingdom?

Generally speaking, quick service locations are less expensive than Table Service. Also, keep in mind that a Quick Service location you can share meals, which stretches your dollar even further. If you are at a Table Service location, you are going to pay for each person at the table over the age of 3, whether they eat or not.

Quick Service restaurants take Mobile Order via the My Disney Experience app. This is a HUGE asset and timesaver!

Best Quick Service Dining at Magic Kingdom #magickingdom #disneydining #wdw #disneytips

In general, Quick Service restaurants are a huge time and money saver if you are traveling to Walt Disney World. There are so many opportunities to enjoy good food, but not spend a lot of money or time.

Magic Kingdom does have several other great Quick Service Restaurants. Sleepy Hollow, Casey’s Corner, and the Friar’s Nook are worth visiting as well!

What do you think is the best quick service restaurant at Magic Kingdom?

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