Best Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World in the Summer

Traveling to Walt Disney in the summer months may be the only option for some families.  Hot days at Disney can be fun, you just have to be prepared! Let me share my Best Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World in Summer with you!

Walt Disney World is a very popular destination for many families over their summer vacation. But summer in Florida also brings heat and humidity, and those ever famous afternoon rains.   Having visited Walt Disney World in summer many, many times, we have learned some great ways to stay cool while enjoying some Disney magic!

Best Tips for Visiting Disney in Summer

Have a “Rope Drop” plan for most days of your trip.

I cannot tell you how invaluable it is to arrive at the parks before they open.  Even if it’s only 15-20 minutes before.  This allows you to get quite a bit of attractions in before the crowds come later in the day, and it is much cooler in the morning.  Plus, the rains typically come in the afternoon, so if you have to leave because it is raining, you won’t feel like you are missing out on much if you arrived first thing in the morning.

With all onsite Walt Disney World guests allowed early entry at EVERY park, it’s easy and convenient to take advantage of these early hours. That extra half hour in the morning to enjoy a few attractions is priceless.

Check the weather before you go, and WHILE you are in Orlando.  

Knowing the weather is key. Having a good weather app is also extremely important. I love the Dark Sky weather app when I am in Orlando. Even if you are traveling over Spring Break {mid to late March} or in the “winter”, Orlando is still quite warm compared to other parts of the US. Be prepared with plenty of sunscreen and ponchos.

Find some quiet places you can rest and be out of the heat in the parks. 

At Magic Kingdom, there are a couple of places that come to mind.  The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover gives you a breezy 10 minute ride around Tomorrowland while you enjoy a different view of the Magic Kingdom.  

Best Tips for Visiting Disney in Summer

Another good one, right next to the Peoplemover is the Carousel of Progress.  This gives you a great break in the air conditioning, and provides a bit of educational entertainment.  At Epcot, The Seas with Nemo and Friends and Living with the Land are great for a quiet break. Another option is to take a quick ride on Spaceship Earth. This is my FAVORITE break spot without leaving the park at EPCOT.

Stay hydrated.  

Not only is it quite warm in Orlando, but you are also moving more than you may be at home. Disney is a lot of walking and exposure to the outdoors. Taking a sturdy, stainless steel water bottle is ideal. I suggest you fill it with ice from your Walt Disney World Resort, then add the complimentary ice water from the QS locations in the parks. It will stay cold most of the day, and you want to have it on hand with you as much as possible.

This is the time to ride the water rides. 

Even if you are soaked when you disembark one of the water rides in the theme parks, you will dry quickly in the Florida heat!

Splash Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park and Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park are the best “water rides” to get some relief. Guests should also consider taking advantage of visiting Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach as well!

Ice cream is a must at Walt Disney World in summer.

Cooling down with some ice cream at Walt Disney World not only keeps you cool, but it prevents meltdowns. I am almost certain that ice cream produces smiles. So when you feel like melting from the heat, or being in the theme parks, ice cream will make you feel better!

Not sure about ice cream? Each theme park has kiosks full of fresh fruit and some iced drink options as well!

Best Tips for Visiting Disney in Summer

Dress appropriately.

Remember when I suggested you check the weather? This is also key, right along with that! Shorts, tank tops, and clothing with wicking material are essential to staying cool. Even consider packing a few t shirts, to keep the sun off your shoulders. Wearing a hat is ideal for keeping the sun off your face, and don’t forget your sunglasses!

Keep cooling essentials handy.

When packing your bag for your day in the parks, you want everything at your fingertips. Cooling or misting fans are AMAZING for staying cool. Plus, they can entertain your kids while in line! You may also see others with cooling towels. These are a hidden gem! You just need water to make them work, and they don’t take up a lot of room in your bag.

Gran DestinoBest Tips for Visiting Disney in Summer

Pace yourself and plan a midday break.

One of my most absolute “must dos” when traveling to Disney is to take an afternoon break at our resort. This is crucial for several reasons. First, it gives you a break from the theme parks, and lets your body and mind rest. Second, you can take some time to enjoy the pool or amenities at your Walt Disney World Resort. Even if you do not want to leave the park, finding ways to rest and recharge are important!

The great aspect of visiting Walt Disney World in the summer, is that there are plenty of opportunities to rest and recharge. Using these tips will help you stay cool at Walt Disney World in summer!

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