Biblical Genealogy ~ The Visual Guide to the Bible for Your Family

Putting the Bible into a visual perspective for your family can be challenging.  The Bible is filled with information, people, and seeing the connection isn’t always easy. I am excited to share this Biblical Genealogy with you, in hopes that it will create an understandable way for your family to see the Bible up close.

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Our family has always felt the value of Christian education and helping our kids understand the Bible.  As a former Lutheran school teacher, bringing the Bible to life in front of my students was something I did on a daily basis.  We spent so much time connecting Bible stories to each other, and seeing how the Bible really comes full circle from Genesis to Revelation.

Fast forward a few years, and my husband is called to plant a new church.  New church…often means new Christians come to check it out and want to learn more.  With this, we found ourselves trying to share the Bible visually with young Christians.  Having a visual guide to the Bible has become increasingly important!  This is important not just in a church setting, but in your home, and even in a small group setting. When you can really sit down, and see how the Bible connects, it really changes your understanding and perspective! Shannon Roddy created the Biblical Genealogy because he was curious about the timeline of when things occurred in the Old Testament.  So he took that curiosity and put together a useful, enjoyable, and informative tool for your faith journey.  

The Bible is the most popular book in the world and yet understanding it can be a challenge. The Biblical Genealogy was designed to be elegant enough to display yet simple enough to be helpful without being overwhelming. Providing a road-map to the Bible, the Biblical Genealogy Chart elegantly displays the correlation between the books of the Bible, the genealogy from Adam to Jesus and a historical timeline dating back to 1900 Century B.C.

Highlights of the Biblical Genealogy Chart:

The Biblical Genealogy Chart is so helpful for brining these ideas right in front of you. It puts the Old Testament and key events into prospective.  It also provides a quick reference to key Biblical events, along with the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Kings of Judah.  These ideas can be confusing, but understanding their connection really helps with learning the Bible!

The Biblical Genealogy Chart is ideal for Christian Leaders, new believers, and anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the Bible.  It’s great for those who are visual learners, too!

Not only is it filled with valuable information, the Biblical Genealogy is a work of art. Perfect for framing, this 11” x 17” document is printed on beautiful Astroparche Text Sand Paper, giving it the look of an antique map. Affordable wall décor that’s meaningful, it makes a great gift for pastors, small group leaders and Bible study devotees.

How Can I Use the Biblical Genealogy Chart in My Everyday Life?

  • IDEAL FOR FRAMING OR LAMINATING elegant Biblical Genealogy Chart printed on 11″ x 17″ Astroparch Sand Paper, Size 7 Font
  • ACCURATE VISUAL RESOURCE includes timelines listing the books of the Bible, notes marriages, unions, aliases and significant tribes
  • EASY TO FOLLOW with summaries of significant Biblical events, Creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babble, the Exodus, the Exile
  • PUTS THE BIBLE IN PROSPECTIVE listing the Kings of Judah & Israel, their dates of reign, and the Twelve Tribes of Israel
  • GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR PASTOR or Bible Study Leader, Jesus Genealogy Chart documents the lineage of Jesus from King David

Putting the Biblical Genealogy into the hands of your family, your pastor, and your friends is a great way to bring the Word of God to life and share your faith.  It’s easy to follow, and allows you to have conversations around God’s Word as you dig deeper into understanding the history and genealogy of the Bible.  

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