Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast Review and Tips

The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is possibly the BEST for character interaction at Walt Disney World.  When I saw this breakfast was coming to Walt Disney World, it immediately went on my “must book” list for our Mommy and Me trip.  My 8 year old princess loved it…and well, so did I!  I want to share all my thoughts with you today, as well as some details to make your meal there simply magical! 

The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is found at Trattoria al Forno on Disney’s Boardwalk.  This makes it a GREAT option if you are staying in one of the EPCOT area resorts, as it is super easy to access from those. If you are coming from a different Walt Disney World Resort, you will need to Uber or taxi to the Boardwalk, or take a bus to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and then boat or walk over to the Boardwalk.

Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Ariel, and Prince Eric are the characters you will find here.  Tangled is one of our favorite movies, and somehow we always end up seeing Rapunzel on each trip!  Plus the photo op near the Rapunzel bathrooms…..Disney seems to be stepping up their game with some Tangled fun!  RARELY do you get to see princesses with their princes.  In fact, that is typically reserved for Mickey’s Not so Scary or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas parties.  Not anymore!

Plus, I have only seen Flynn in the Festival of Fantasy Parade.  This makes it a unique, and extra special experience! Since the characters only show up at breakfast, and you won’t find them together anywhere else, it is super important that you book a dining reservation for this meal.  

While all four of these characters are at this location, they do not necessarily meet together.  They each make their way to your table individually for a photo opportunity and to sign autographs.  The one “down side”, is that these characters do not have handlers with them.  So, if you want a family photo, you need to ask a nice guest at the table next to you, or hopefully your server is in the area and can snap a few.  I had no trouble getting our server to photograph for us, which was so nice. 

During your meal, the characters will parade around the room with any children who want to join.  This makes it extra special, and gives your kids a chance to interact with these characters in a magical way!  The character interaction is fantastic, and I felt as if they spent quite a bit of time with us, and even visited our table more than once.

The menu at the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is unique, but also very kid friendly.  They start you with a frying pan of Tangled and Mermaid themed pastries.  So cute!  Next, they ask you to choose a fruit salad or berry/yogurt parfait to start your meal.  From there, you each choose and entree.  I chose the Tower of Pancakes, and they were VERY good.  I have also heard great things about King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno.  My pancakes were pretty typical, but the Tangled sun detail on the top of the pancakes was super cute! 

The children’s menu has very kid friendly meals. My daughter chose the Flounder’s Flapjacks meal.  These had a cute flounder detail on the top, just like my pancakes. This was also served with sausage or bacon and some fruit.

There were a few other things I loved about this meal.  First, it is served at your table, and that is so very nice. I love a good Disney character buffet, but it is SO awesome to not have to get up and down to get your food all the time. Plus, I was traveling alone with my daughter, so I didn’t have to worry about sending her to the buffet, or leaving her at the table while I went to get food.  And, even better, we didn’t worry about being away from our table when characters were visiting.  That can be a challenge with some Disney character buffets.  We also appreciated that they ALL visited you at the table, instead of saving one for a photo opportunity after your meal. Some Disney character meals do that, and it’s not terrible….but I prefer when they all visit your table. 

Secondly, the character interaction is awesome, and makes the price tag easier to swallow. This location will also take the Disney Dining Plan, at one credit per person. Finally, the location is great, on the Boardwalk. From here you can easily access Hollywood Studios or EPCOT.  This breakfast, in my opinion, makes most sense on a non park day and/or if you are staying in one of the EPCOT resorts.  While I really liked it, I probably wouldn’t book it if I wasn’t staying at the Beach/Yacht Club, Boardwalk, or Swan and Dolphin. I can be a little lazy when it comes to Disney Dining, and typically plan my meals around where we will be during our stay or our park days.

To assure you get into this meal, you want to book 180-days in advance, and have it high on your priority list of reservations to get right away.  It shows up on My Disney Experience as “Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast”. Do you have Tangled and Ariel fans in your family?  If so, you will want to book this meal for your next Disney trip!


  1. Our Happy Place says:

    Really Need to check this out! Thanks for Sharing.

  2. Love the little details with the frosted sugar on the pancakes. Those little things really set Disney apart and make it magical!

    1. I know! Pancakes are better with frosted sugar shapes 🙂

  3. We’ve put this on our to-do list!! I’m really looking forward to it now that I’ve read another great review!

    1. Oh good! I hope you can get a reservation. I’d love to hear what you think about it?

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