Button Monogram Wall Hanging

This Button Monogram Wall Hanging I created for my daughter’s room has to be one of the easiest projects I have done. Buttons and monograms are becoming my favorite things to craft with.  Almost every room in our house has some sort of a monogram project-I’m starting to think I’m a little obsessed!  My daughter’s room is slowly becoming my favorite room in our house.  It is so bright, cheery, and you can for sure tell a princess lives in it!  I created this Easy Button Monogram for her door, and it was so simple and fairly inexpensive. Best of all, there’s no sewing involved!  The pattern and color possibilities are endless for this! 

Button Monogram #easy #littlegirlroomdecor


1 16×20 Canvas (Michael’s had these on sale in a 3 pack for $19 a few weeks ago!)
Various buttons (I bought a bag of white, miscellaneous shaped buttons and spray painted them)
Spray paint or Rit dye for dying buttons
Fabric cut to 18″x22″
Glue Gun/glue sticks
Embellishments (I had 2 silk flowers that I added to the bottom corner)
Spray Matte Finish

1. Spread the buttons on a drop cloth or paper outside.  Spray paint a few coats and allow to dry.
2.  Lay the fabric pattern side down, and then lay the canvas on top of that, canvas side down.3.  Begin gluing the fabric to the edge of the canvas.  Make sure you’re pulling the fabric tight as you continue gluing.
4.  After gluing the fabric to the edges of the canvas, give it a finished look by then gluing ribbon along the edges as well.
5.  Turn the canvas over, and frame the edges with ribbon.
5. Lightly draw the letter you want with a pencil.  Then, lay out the buttons in the shape of the letter, along the pencil line.
6.  Begin gluing the buttons, one by one, on the pencil line.7.  After the buttons are glued on, allow it to dry.  Then, if you want, add some embellishments to the finished project.
8.  Finally, spray the entire project with a Matte Finish spray.  I found this in the paint section of JoAnn’s.  It gives it a finished look, and will keep the buttons from losing their color.

What projects do you like to do to spruce up your children’s rooms?



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