Chalkboard Pantry Labels

Hello friends!  It’s Kelly from Here Comes the Sun.  How is the New Year been for you? If you are like me, when January rolls around you feel the need to declutter and organize everything. I’m like that pretty much all year but for those of you not as OCD, I bet you do most of your purging in January.  In addition to being an organization freak, I’m also a label freak which is good because labels and organization go hand in hand.

My pantry is probably the most UNorganized place in the house. It will be perfectly neat one day and then a disastrous mess the next.  I love using clear containers in the pantry to organize things like flour, sugar, rice etc.   I’m on a mission to organize my pantry better and to get most of my staples out of boxes and into containers. So to make sure that you are pouring sugar in your coffee instead of salt, I created these Chalkboard Pantry Labels.


Chalkboard Pantry Labels

 I think the chalkboard trend is still alive, right? It better be because I installed a huge one in my dining area last summer. These labels look classic on any jar or clear container.  I also created some blank labels for you so you can customize them to your needs.

Blank Chalkboard Pantry Labels

Obviously, since these are printables, they are not real chalkboard material so you will need to write on them with a white marker.  Print them out on a full label sheet and you’ll have instant peel and stick labels.

Download the pantry labels here

Download the blank labels here

I hope you enjoy these chalkboard pantry labels. You can find more of my free printables on my blog.

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