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Choosing the Disney Resort That’s Right for YOU {FAVORITE Disney Tip}

There’s no question about it. Planning a Disney vacation takes some work. Vacation implies being away from home, right? So the first decision you need to make is where to stay. The decision can be overwhelming, especially when you are clicking through the resort options, seeing the gorgeous pictures, and trying to stay within a budget.  But how do you choose the Disney resort that’s right for YOU?!

When our family is trying to decide which resort we want to enjoy during our Disney vacation, we take into consideration several questions.


1. What is your budget? Disney offers Value, Moderate, and Deluxe Resorts. These three tiers of resorts vary in price, location, and transportation service. For our family, we choose either a Moderate or Deluxe tiered resort. We’ve stayed at Port Orleans-French Quarter and Coronado Springs. For the Deluxe tier, we’ve stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge-Jambo House, The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, and Disney’s Beach Club Resort. All of these resorts were WONDERFUL!

Animal Kingdom Lodge-Jambo House lobby

2. Are you including the Disney Dining Plan? If so, that could help you make your resort choice as well.  If you are choosing the Quick Service Dining Plan, you might want to consider a Value or Moderate tier resort.  These options often have several counter service options.   Or, if you have chosen Table Service, perhaps you want to stay at a Magic Kingdom resort, where many restaurants found on the Disney Dining Plan are just a monorail ride away.

Disney Recap-Dinner at Chef Mickey's

3. Which park are you visiting the most on your trip? For us, it’s Magic Kingdom. No matter the number of days we stay, we always allow two days for Magic Kindgom. Are you an animal and show lover? If so, a resort closer to Animal Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios may be good for you. Or, are you planning two days-EPCOT and Magic Kingdom? If so, a resort on the monorail OR one of the EPCOT resorts would be perfect for you. We have REALLY loved the location of the Beach Club Resort and the Grand Floridian because they are very close proximity to the parks.

Overall, we’ve never stayed at a resort we didn’t enjoy.  Each resort is so unique in and of itself, so our goal is to enjoy a different resort on each stay.  I’d love to hear how you decide which resort to choose!

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  1. When we stay at a Disney Resort, we usually choose a resort based on what we like about the resort. Sometimes, however, we will stay at a resort that is nearby and convenient to the parks. We do not want to have to drive half an hour back to a resort after being exhaust at the end of a night at the parks. ?

  2. Yes! We always choose based on budget and which parks we plan to be at the most during that trip!

  3. We always choose a resort that fits our budget and is convenient to the parks we want to visit.

    1. Budget is important…but I hold proximity as a huge priority as well!

  4. Convenience to the parks is a huge perk of some resorts! We loved that about the Boardwalk!!

    1. I cannot agree more. I like to be a hop, skip, jump to at least one park!

  5. You can also stay at more than one resort to stretch your budget- most of the week at a value and a couple of nights at a moderate or deluxe!

    1. Yes! Great tips! We have done that before, actually.

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