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Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

Cinderella is the classic Disney princess, isn’t she? And what little girl doesn’t want a Cinderella birthday party? I have put together my favorite Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas all in one place! You never know…some of her favorite Disney princess friends may appear, as well!

We love us some good Disney themed parties! From Tinkerbell to Minnie Mouse, and everything in between, the princess loves a good themed party. Every year for my daughter’s birthday, we have a little photo session.

Sometimes I take her out to a local park, other times just out in the backyard.  Either way, I like to put my DSLr camera to good use, and capture her at each age.  Part of the fun of these birthday photo sessions is playing into the theme of the birthday party we have chosen to celebrate that next year of life. And this is our first year with a princess themed party….not like we haven’t had other Disney themed parties.  I do think our FROZEN themed party was one of my favorites!  And the photos from that one….precious!

This year it is princesses!  I decided that this year our photo session was going to be a little different.  I set up a DIY Cinderella Photo Background and it was seriously so easy!  I found this great Cinderella vinyl tablecloth at the store in the party aisle, along with all the other supplies. 

Perfect!  What I loved was the border that was full of Cinderella carriages, clock towers, and the pretty purple and blues that are classic with Cinderella.  

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

First, purchase a vinyl Cinderella themed party tablecloth, along with a Birthday Princess Sash, Disney Princess Table Decorations, and a Cinderella Headband.  I found mine at WalMart. But I am sure any local party store will have Cinderella decor! You could even create some DIY photo booth props as well!  How fun!

Next, measure the length so there are about three inches between the bottom of the tablecloth and the floor.  This way, your little princess won’t step on it.

Fold over the excess and tape it in the back.  Or, if you aren’t going to be reusing the tablecloth, you could just cut the length off the bottom near the floor with scissors.

Dress your princess in her favorite princess dress!  We did Cinderella, with this super cute Cinderella headband I found right with the party supplies at WalMart.  We added our favorite teddy bear in her Sleeping Beauty costume, and started snapping away.  We have plenty of princess dresses, so everyone at her party could participate…and be their favorite princess!

To incorporate some of the other princesses, I had found the Disney Princess Table Decorations in the party aisle at Walmart as well.  I assembled them and taped them to the background, to give it a little extra princess fun!

Throwing a birthday is fun for me.  I love getting into the theme, but if I’m not careful, it gets expensive.  Thankfully we have so many Cinderella and Disney Princess goodies here at home from past birthdays and Disney trips, supplementing what we have to throw a birthday on a budget  is easy.  Bringing your favorite Disney princess to life at a party is super easy!

What is your favorite way to celebrate your child’s birthday?






  1. We move around a lot so we generally just do parties for our kids with family only. This year, we’re going a little more completely off the deep end for our soon to be 6 year old daughter, which is SO ridiculous because let’s be honest, they really just want some Disney Princess licensed gear and a pretty cake. 🙂 Your daughter looks so happy I Love your photo background! #client

    1. Yes, so true! We are so blessed to have family close, so we have family parties instead of friend parties :).

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