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Disney Parks Fans Will Love Disney Cruise Line

Walt Disney World travelers will LOVE Disney Cruise Line. It is truly a magical experience, unique but similar in so many ways-and it’s a nice way to change up your vacation and still have some Disney magic. Why would a Disney Park fan love Disney Cruise Line? I have several great reasons for you today!

What makes Disney Cruise Line so special?  Why would a Disney Parks “fan” love Disney Cruise Line?

Why would I, someone who has visited the Disney parks over 15 times, want to sail on the a Disney Cruise Line ship? 

I have my Disney park planning down to a science.  I’ll tell you the best and worst, places to eat, how important Rope Drop is, and what time is best to catch a Lightning Lane for Slinky Dog Dash.   Plus, I can even give you directions to get from Main Street USA to the Jungle Cruise without looking at a map. 


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So why would I want to step onto one of the Disney Cruise Line ships?  Today, I am going to share with you why Disney Parks Fans will love Disney Cruise Line! And you might just find yourself sailing away to the Bahamas, Caribbean, or a worldwide destination before you know it!

Why Disney Parks Fans Will Love Disney Cruise Line #disneycruiseline #disneytravel #disneycruisetips

Dining on Disney Cruise Line is Different

First, the dining is stress free.  Sure, I love to plan my ADRs just like the next Disney parks fan.  I am right there at 6AM EST on my My Disney Experience. I have my list, and I am ready! But, there is something about stepping onboard a Disney Cruise ship, knowing that I have amazing meals ahead of me, and I didn’t have to plan a single one!  

Dining on Disney Cruise Line is so simple.  You follow a rotation, so you are eating in a different restaurant each night.  Your servers follow you to each restaurant. By the end of Night 1, they know that you like lemons in your water, your little one needs to eat ASAP, and that your teenager has to have a Mickey bar at the end of his meal.  They will even bring you pizza from Cabana’s if that is the ONLY thing your 6 year old will eat.  They are SO accommodating, and they literally go out of their way to make sure you enjoy your meal.

Why Disney Parks Fans Will Love Disney Cruise Line #disneycruiseline #disneytravel #disneycruisetips

Dining on Disney Cruise Line is included with your cruise fare.  Yes, you read that correctly.  There is no out of pocket cost once you board the ship for food….for the most part.  If you want a fun tropical drink, then yes.  You need to charge that to your account.  When you are out of snack credits and you just HAVE to have a Mickey shaped pretzel in the parks, you need to pay for it.  On Disney Cruise Line, you can eat to your heart’s content, You can even have warm cookies and milk every night before bed- and you don’t have to open your wallet.

You can eat WHATEVER YOU WANT, and it’s included.  Do you want the Black Truffles at Animator’s Palette for your appetizer, main course and dessert?  Oh, just me?  Okay!  Anyway, you can have those if you want for every course.  Want to give lobster tail a try, and then find out it isn’t for you?  No problem!  They will bring you another entree for no extra cost.  It.is.fantastic! Fans of the Disney Parks will love Disney Cruise Line because the dining options are amazing, but the process is so simple!

Disney Cruise Line has Something for Everyone

Disney Cruise Line has something for everyone in your family.  As our children have gotten older, the age gap in them has become more and more apparent. I still have one who wants to run around and meet characters all day, while her older brothers really just want to hang out by the pool, play games, and chill out.  That makes planning days in the parks challenging!  Disney Parks fans will love Disney Cruise Line because there is SO much to do-and the ships are easy to navigate.

Why Disney Parks Fans Will Love Disney Cruise Line #disneycruiseline #disneytravel #disneycruisetips

On Disney Cruise Line, there are three areas for kids, separated by age.  Perfect!  Plus, if you have teens, they even schedule excursions on Castaway Cay so your teen can head off with new found friends to snorkel, swim, etc.  We meet as a family for dinner, and to see the night show.  Sometimes I even get a glimpse of my teens as they are roaming the ship during a scavenger hunt.  Family time and kid time are no problem on Disney Cruise Line!

There are characters EVERYWHERE on the Disney Cruise Line ships.  Princesses, Mickey and friends, Disney Jr. friends….I seriously think we meet more characters on a cruise than we do in the parks.  And, it doesn’t suck up attraction time.  This is a great place to meet characters, and still have time for more fun!  Characters not your thing?  Then take some time to see a show, watch a first run movie, or enjoy a mixology class.  There is SO much to do on a Disney Cruise, you won’t even notice you don’t have a Lightning Lane for Slinky Dog Dash.

Disney’s Castaway Cay is Unique to Disney Cruise Line

Most every Disney Cruise ship out of the Florida ports stops at Disney’s Castaway Cay, the MOST amazing place on earth.  Seriously.  This is privately owned by Disney, so no one else is there but you and your ship mates! The kids clubs are open on Castaway Cay, there is plenty of beach space for everyone, and you can even get your afternoon soft serve ice cream cone…after you eat lunch that is provided of course!  As a Disney parks fan, I am often looking for something new and different to do in the parks….and Castaway Cay matches that description for us!  With the introduction of new ships, Disney Cruise Line is also stopping at Lighthouse Point on select sailings in 2024 and 2025! This second, beautiful island, offers guests a unique experience on their Disney Cruise Line voyage.

Why Disney Parks Fans Will Love Disney Cruise Line #disneycruiseline #disneytravel #disneycruisetips

The Magic is in the Details

As with all things Disney, the attention to detail is wonderful.  We have been impressed over, and over, and over….at the attention to cleanliness and detail on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.   When you see the crew members repainting the scratches on the outside of the ship while she’s docked at Castaway Cay, you know they want it to look great inside and out!   And scrubbing the deck is truly taking place.  Everywhere you go, they are cleaning handrails, bathrooms, common areas, and your room is cleaned so well everyday!  We have been impressed with both our accommodations and customer service on every Disney Cruise Line voyage.  

It’s Just Enough “Disney” Magic

There is just enough Disney magic for the die hard Disney fan in your life….without going over the top.  Disney Cruise Line has taken the amazing experience of cruising, and coupled it with Disney magic.  The special touches we have come to love from the theming of the resorts, to the character interaction, to the Mickey waffles at breakfast….all come together nicely on Disney Cruise Line.  It also caters to those who get over stimulated in the parks, and can’t stand the idea of hearing ‘it’s a small world’ one more time!  It is the perfect compromise for everyone in your travel party!  

Does your family want to experience the magic of Disney on the high seas? Booking as soon as itineraries open will give you the best fares! For more details and to book your Disney Cruise Line voyage, feel free to email me at carrie@destinationsinflorida.com, or click the “Book Your Travel” link at the top of the page!

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