Disney Souvenirs: How Do I Decide?!

You don’t want to leave Walt Disney World without souvenirs. You’ll always have your magical memories and probably your photos. But how do you decide, amongst the myriad of souvenir choices, what to bring home with you? This decision is particularly difficult when you have children along. Of course, they want everything, right?


Every time we make a trip to The World, we come back with something. However, we try to base our decisions on a souvenir that will last, more of a memento from that trip. Some of my favorites include:

1. Etched glasses from Arribas. You can find Arribas at Downtown Disney. It’s a shop full of glass, so keep that in mind if you have littles shopping with you! Each member of our family has his or her own etched glass mug from this shop. Our name is on the front and a favorite character is on the other side.

2. Christmas ornaments from Disney’s Days of Christmas . Two trips ago, we purchased Christmas ornaments at Downtown Disney. Each of our children chose an ornament with either Mickey or Minnie on it, and my husband and I got one that is gold with Mickey ears on it. My goal is, each year, to add to our ornament collection so in a few years, we’ll have memorable ornaments and can have a small Disney Christmas tree.

3. Picture Frames. I have a 5×7 Disney Parks photo frame. It gets a new photo in it each year after we return from our trip.

4. Disney jewelry. At The World of Disney, you can find beads for Pandora charm bracelets. A Cinderella’s Coach or Minnie/Mickey heads can add some fun to your bracelets.

5. Mickey ears, Autograph books and pin lanyards. Of course, the kids want something fun. So, monogrammed Mickey ears and autograph books have become some of our kids’ favorite mementos. Also, older kids may enjoy pin trading. Why not add a new medal to their lanyard each year? Pin trading can be a fun, ongoing, souvenir.

Of course, clothing, stuffed Disney friends, and a Pirates of the Caribbean sword are super fun. We come home with a few, “frivolous” souvenirs that eventually don’t last. I want to look back at our souvenirs, knowing that I chose them so they’ll bring fond memories of our vacation.

What is your favorite souvenir at Disney? Do you have any long lasting mementos from trips? If you were making a ONE time trip to Disney, what would you come home with?


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