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Disney Vacation Photo Ideas

I was provided product from MixTiles for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Do you return home from Walt Disney World with hundreds of photos, unsure what to do with them? We do! I have some great ideas for you, and I know you will be turning those Disney photos into fun home decor and keeping those memories alive!

Disney Vacation Photo Ideas

Every Walt Disney World vacation, photos are my souvenir.  I always tell my family that is all I want…nice family photos, fun candids, and pictures of scenery in the parks. I spend a lot of time taking photos on vacation, and before I know it, my phone is full of amazing memories! Today, I have some creative Disney vacation photos ideas for you! 

Where are the Best Photo Spots at Walt Disney World?

One of our favorite photo spots is in front of the park icons! Every park has a famous icon, and we certainly stop at each one for a photo. One thing I really love is that you can walk around the icons, and get photos from all sides.  In some cases, such as Cinderella’s Castle, there are unique angles and photo opportunities from each one! 

Walt Disney World has so many cute Instagram walls.  Over the last few years, Disney has worked really hard to implement Instagram worthy walls in the parks. These make fun spots for your family to get together for a photo, or even stage your favorite Minnie Ears in front of the wall for a photo.

Disney Vacation Photo Ideas

The floating mountains of Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom make great scenery photos, as well as a fun back drop for your kiddos! Plus, Disney has MemoryMaker photographers are all over the parks, and are happy to take your photo!

Remember to take photos of your Walt Disney World Resort.  The Disney resorts are themed in beautiful, purposeful ways! You will want to use those photos on your social media, maybe as a cover photo, or as the background in a photo book.

Photograph your Disney food!  Disney food has become so photo worthy!

How Can I Preserve My Disney Photos at Home?

There are so many fun ways to keep those Disney photos displayed, and tastefully add them to your home decor.  First, we like to buy cute Disney photo frames in the parks or on the cruise ships. These already have Disney icons, quotes, and illustrations on them.  These keep it simple, and we can change out our photos to display recent trips.

Second, a great option is to create a Disney photo book.  There are some great options online to make books quickly, and you can even use their apps to create them right from your phone!  Disney photo books make it so easy to access your memories, and show them off to family. 

My most recent favorite way to preserve memories is with MixTiles.  I see these pop up in my social feed every once in awhile, and they reached out to me to see if I wanted to try them!  Cute photo displays are some of my favorite things, and I jumped on it right away!

I was able to choose five of my favorite Disney photos from our most recent trip, and create them into MixTiles.  MixTiles are lightweight, and easy to use.  They are also easy to move and reposition, which makes it a breeze to use them in your decor.  It’s always so hard for me to decide on photos!  I ended up going with one photo from each theme park, and then one of us at our resort. Hanging photos is not my forte…but MixTiles make it so easy!  Also, the resolution is awesome! I love how they turned out!

Disney Vacation Photo Ideas

We also like to take a photo mat with us around the parks, to have the characters autograph. When we get home, we put a photo in it from a favorite character meal, meet and greet, or a special park day! 

I love all the great ways we can share some Disney magic in our home!  Those memories are priceless, and it’s really important to me to do something with all those photos I take on vacation!

How do you like to preserve your Disney photos upon returning home?




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