Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is considered a value resort, and it is a very popular destination for families! Disney’s Value Resorts are the most affordable resorts on Walt Disney World property.  They are also some of the most “Disney” themed resorts, and you feel as if you are very immersed in your favorite Disney movies. Today, I am going to share some tips and information with you, in hopes that you will make Disney’s Art of Animation your home for your next Disney vacation!

Where is Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Located? 

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is located in the Hollywood Studios area of Walt Disney World. This makes Art of Animation somewhat “close” to EPCOT as well, and centrally located overall.  Another “location perk” is that it is very close to Disney’s Pop Century Resort. These two resorts are connected by a bridge.  So you can walk between the two!  While you cannot pool hop between the two, you can certainly enjoy the food court, shop, and walk around to explore the resort.  This really opens up dining options for guests of each of these!

Who would enjoy Disney’s Art of Animation Resort? 

This resort is the ultimate location for THE biggest Disney/Pixar fan.  The entire resort is themed after Little Mermaid, Cars, Lion King, Finding Nemo and an overall animation theme.  Disney’s Art of Animation is considered a “value plus” resort.  This means that it is priced a little higher than the “value resorts” because it offers better proximity to the theme parks, multiple transportation options, more amenities, nicer rooms, and an overall more “luxury” feel than the other value resorts.


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What dining options and amenities can I find at Disney’s Art of Animation? 

Since this is a value tier resort, the only option for dining at Art of Animation is the food court area.  Value resorts do not have Table Service options.  Disney’s Art of Animation Resort boasts the best food court on Disney property, The Landscape of Flavors.  Guests will find several stations to choose from, including a panini station and gelato counter.  So good! This food court also has plenty of seating.

While this resort do not offer full service dining, the really great aspect of the quick service dining option is the variety.  The food court has multiple serving stations to give guests a huge variety of food.  Burgers, sandwiches, pastas, as well as a deli-style market offer lots of variety for everyone in your family.  Also, the proximity of Art of Animation to nearby resorts is to the advantage of guests who may want a different menu to choose from for some meals…as you can easily walk to Pop Century or take the Skyliner to several nearby locations.

Disney's Skyliner Resorts

Art of Animation offers guests fantastic pool options.  The Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation is the best pool on property, in line with Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.   Here you can hear your favorite Finding Nemo friends and music under the water as you swim.  This is also the largest pool on property, and it has a fun splash pad/playground area for kids.  In each section of the resort, guests will also find a quiet pool, themed after that particular area.  

What are the rooms like at Disney’s Art of Animation?

The standard rooms at Art of Animation are Little Mermaid themed. These rooms are adorable!  However, the main drawback to them is that they are the farthest away from the main building at Art of Animation.  Their proximity to the pool and food court is far compared to the buildings that house suites.

If your family needs a larger set up, Art of Animation offers Family Suites.  These family suites can sleep up to 6 guests, or 7 if you have one in a crib.  These family suites give guests a master bedroom with a queen size bed.  Then the living area has a sleeper sofa, a sleeper chair, and an table that converts to a bed as well.  Families also have a kitchenette with a microwave, sink, and small refrigerator, as well as two full bathrooms.  This makes a great option for larger parties!  The main draw of the suites, or of Art of Animation in general, is the theming.  

Art of Animation offers guests the choice of Cars, Lion King, or Finding Nemo Family Suites. The Finding Nemo Suites are considered “preferred location”, so those are a higher nightly rate.  Cars Suites are the most centrally located.

Keep in mind, if you are traveling with a larger group, and some would like Mermaid rooms and some would like suites, you should book Lion King Family Suites. The Lion King building is closest to the Little Mermaid building.

What are my transportation options at Art of Animation? 

The transportation options at Art of Animation elevate them from “value” status, in my opinion.  This resort is on the Skyliner.  This means guests have access to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, as well as Caribbean Beach and the Riviera Resort for dining options.  They also service the Disney parks via dedicated buses.  As opposed to the All Stars, or even some of the moderate resorts, who share transportation amongst resorts sometimes.  Art of Animation runs dedicated buses to and from Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  Having two transportation options at a value resort is amazing for guests.  

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is a great option for guests who want the onsite perks of Walt Disney World, but are willing to pay a slightly higher nightly rate for nicer rooms and better amenities than you will have at the All Stars.   

Overall, Disney’s Art of Animation has a lot to offer to Disney travelers.  I would highly recommend this resort for guests who want that Disney feel on a first visit, or are craving the nostalgia of their favorite movies. It’s an excellent resort when you have young children, as well, as the theming really caters to them.

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  1. My favorite are the sea gulls! I have a mug with “Mine, Mine, Mine,” on it and I love that you can hear that at this resort!

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