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Disney’s Skyliner Resorts

Visiting Disney’s Skyliner Resorts is a magical way to spend a “non park day”. With the introduction of the Skyliner, it’s easy to make your way to two Walt Disney World theme parks, and several resorts! The Disney Skyliner is a fun way to experience Disney for free, and I am excited to share more details with you about Disney’s Skyliner Resorts!

When Walt Disney World introduced the Skyliner, they opened up so many amazing possibilities for guests. The Skyliner runs to both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. Resorts, such as Disney’s Art of Animation and Disney’s Pop Century suddenly had more “value” to these value resorts with this second mode of transportation to the Walt Disney World parks, as well as easy access to several other resorts!

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Which Resorts are on Disney’s Skyliner?

This is the aspect that I absolutely love! All resort tiers are represented on Disney’s Skyliner system. No longer are Deluxe Resort guests the only ones privy to more than one form of Disney transportation! Disney’s Skyliner Resorts include:

These four Walt Disney World resorts provide direct Skyliner access for guests. From these resorts, you can visit Disney’s Boardwalk…..which opens up a whole new area to explore. Guests can also access EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

How Can Guests of Non Skyliner Resorts Access the Skyliner?

Guests of on property Walt Disney World resort can easily access the Skyliner. The easiest way, in my opinion, is to take a Disney motorcoach from your resort to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Skyliner station is RIGHT at the area where you disembark the motorcoaches. So simply hop off the bus and onto the Skyliner!

Taking a LYFT or Uber to Disney’s Hollywood Studios or the Boardwalk is always an option, as well!

Disney's Skyliner Resorts

Tips for Riding Disney’s Skyliner

All Skyliner routes lead to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. This is the main “hub” of Disney’s Skyliner system. No matter where you start, you to go Caribbean Beach first, and then transfer to a different route, depending on your destination.

There is an exception to this…..guests of Disney’s Riviera Resort have a direct line to EPCOT. They do not stop at Caribbean Beach.

Disney's Skyliner Resorts

As with all Disney transportation, there are busy times to ride the Skyliner. Rope Drop and park close tend to have very long lines for Disney’s Skyliner. However, the one thing I love is that the Skyliner is continuously loading and unloading guests {for the most part}.

Using the restroom BEFORE boarding the Skyliner is wise. It is a fairly quick trip from one stop to the next, but there is no access to restrooms on the gondolas :). There are restrooms at the Skyliner stations, but just use the restroom before you board.

Visiting the Skyliner Resorts

As I mentioned, Disney’s Skyliner opens up so much access to dining and activities at basically 7 Walt Disney World Resorts. There are four on the Skyliner, but you can also access Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, Disney’s Yacht Club, and Disney’s Beach Club Resorts. Or, if you include the Swan, Dolphin, and Swan Reserve that is three more for a total of 10! Plus all their restaurants!

My perfect Skyliner Tour would look like this:

First, start at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and take the Skyliner to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Transfer to the Riviera line and head to the Riviera for an early lunch at Primo Piatto. Enjoy some lawn games at the Riviera, and then take the Skyliner to EPCOT’s International Gateway.

Upon arriving at the International Gateway, walk over to Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Have a fun ice cream treat and people watch along the Beach Club area. You could even walk over or take a boat to the Boardwalk to watch the street performers.

Disney's Skyliner Resorts

After this, I would hop on the Skyliner to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. I would get some photos with all the fun props across this resort. And then, walk over to Pop Century. At Pop Century, I may need an afternoon snack. So I would get some Tye Dye Cheesecake and check out this resort!

Disney's Skyliner Resorts

Finally, back on the Skyliner to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Here, I would get a drink at the Spyglass Grille and sit on the beach at Caribbean Beach while I enjoyed my drink!

That would complete my Disney’s Skyliner tour!

How would you spend your day on Disney’s Skyliner?

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Disney's Skyliner Resorts

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