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DIY Acrylic Keychains with Vinyl

DIY Acrylic Keychains can easily be done with some vinyl! Using a Silhouette Cameo, some transparent adhesive vinyl, and some acrylic blanks, you can put together super cute keychains! These are excellent to add to your travel carry on.  You can also include them in a gift basket, or send one in the mail to cheer someone up!  

I am a total sucker for glitter and all things sparkly.  Combine that with my love for applying vinyl to just about anything…..and this cute keychain project was born. I just want to keep making them! These acrylic keychains are so versatile, easy to customize, and the transparent vinyl makes them extra cute! 

How to Make Keychains with Vinyl


I perused Amazon for just the right blanks, and ended up with circles.  I feel like those are more versatile and easier to work with.  Since this is a fairly easy project for a beginner, sizing your image is so easy when you have a circle. Just take a look at the description on Amazon, and you’ll have an idea of how to size your design.  Plus, there are minimal tools involved in this, yet you can still come out with an impressive result.  My daughter helped me with these, and was happy to take some to her neighbor friends and put them on their porch for a fun surprise! 


I think that these are also great for adding to your carry on luggage, your child’s backpack, or even your Disney park bag! There are also quite a few different shapes you can use for the blanks, so they are perfect for just about anything!


Supplies for Creating DIY Keychains:

Adhesive Vinyl {Transparent Vinyl and Transparent Glitter Vinyl are my favorites for this}

Silhouette Cameo or other cutting machine

Acrylic Keychain Blanks

Transfer Tape

Weeding Hook

How to Make DIY Acrylic Keychains:

First, decide on a design! I found it easier to use a design that already had a rounded shape.  Cupcakes, Minnie heads, a pineapple, etc would work well for this project. Open this from your library, and add it to your design space.

Next, size your design to meet the measurements of your blank.  

Ungroup any pieces you want to cut from different colors.  You can find more information on Group/Ungroup HERE.  This is a super simple process, and makes cutting different aspects of your file in different colors.

After you have cut, weed the excess vinyl and dispose of it.  Gently place a piece of transfer tape over your design. Line it up on your keychain blank, and smooth it down.  Be sure to get any air bubbles out. Gently peel back the transfer tape, and your design is done! Add the keychain and the tassel {if it came with that} and your project is done!

Tips for Making DIY Keychains:

First, your blanks are probably going to have a thin, clear film on them to protect them from being scratched.  Be sure to remove this before adding your vinyl.

You can cut your image twice, to make your keychain design two sided.  

Using transparent vinyl is the way to go! StyleTech Craft transparent vinyl is perfect for a project like this.  It layers really well. It also looks cute on clear acrylic since it’s see through.  This allows you to really only cut your design once if you want, and it can be seen on both sides.  

Transparent glitter vinyl makes a nice base if you are layering vinyl.  It pairs well with tons of finishes, and gives your design a cute shimmer.

The sky is literally the limit with this idea! Think of all the fun things you can make these for!  When you need a quick gift, or a fun add-in to a gift basket, these are a great idea! My daughter and her friends LOVE loading their backpacks up with keychains, and kids can easily help with this project and create their own! These keychains make a great beginner project, and the results end up very impressive!




  1. These are so cute and really useful – my definition of a great gift. Bonus that they look pretty easy, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I do not. I do not seal most of my projects. I suppose you probably could? Maybe with some mod podge or something?

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