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DIY Burlap Winter Wreath

Learn how to make this easy burlap winter wreath for your home.  With a pretty, ice blue color palette and burlap ribbon, this DIY burlap winter wreath will make a cozy addition to your door during the winter months. 

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Creating a DIY Burlap Wreath for Your Home is easy

After the Christmas decor is put away, I still like to have a cozy feel to our home as we wait out the winter.  So adding a cute, easy wreath to our front door is one of my favorite ways to keep our home cozy and decorated for winter.  This wreath will only take an hour or so on an afternoon, and you can customize it however you’d like!

Not only is this wreath easy, it is also budget friendly, and a fun project with kids!  My daughter helped me choose the ribbon, the accents, and the “HELLO winter” saying to put on the wood sign I attached.  I used my favorite StyleTech Craft vinyl, Glitter Metallic.  I think it goes nicely with the sparkling snow and adds a little pop of color and shine!

While you can find some GORGEOUS, farmhouse style wreaths in the craft store, or online, making one yourself is really super easy, I promise.  

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how to create a diy burlap winter wreath

The first step is to gather all your supplies. We found a foam wreath form, some burlap ribbon, floral accents, and a blank wood sign at Hobby Lobby.  I like the foam wreath forms when I am planning to wrap the wreath, because they don’t get so bulky after you have wrapped the fabric or ribbon around them.

One of the many things I love about crafting with vinyl and my Silhouette is the ability to use multiple fonts and cut smaller details for projects.  For this one, I used a block font for “HELLO” and a script for “winter”. I like the mixture of those styles, and I think they give it a unique look.

Next, spray paint your blank sign. While it is drying, you can work on cutting your vinyl and assembling your wreath.

Since I am adding the sign to my wreath, I went with something small and easy to add some text.  I chose “HELLO winter” for my text on my sign.  

From there, set up your cut file.  I typed the “HELLO” first, and made sure there was an extra space between each letter. This spreads the word out a bit more, and gives it a unique look. Then, I typed “winter” in a script font.  From here, I slid the “winter” over so it was offset under the HELLO.  When I had it in the position I wanted, I selected both the “HELLO” and the “winter” and chose the “GROUP” function from the Object drop down menu in my design software.  This groups two separate files together so you can size it to fit your blank.  

After measuring my wood sign one more time, I selected the file and sized it to fit my wood blank. From here, I added my navy Glitter Metallic Vinyl to my cutting mat, and loaded it into the machine. I set it to cut Glitter Vinyl, and actually passed it through twice. I like to do this sometimes, because it makes the weeding easier.  

After you have cut the vinyl, weed it and set it aside.  Now it is time to assemble your wreath!  Start by securing the end of the ribbon on the wreath with a large straight pin.  From here, start wrapping the wreath form with the ribbon, all the way around.  When you reach the end, secure it with another large pin, and cut off any remaining excess.

Then, add your embellishments. For this, I had chosen a pretty wintry teal/blue floral garland from Hobby Lobby.  I pinned the end of it into the wreath, and started gently arranging it around the top of the wreath, pinning it down every so often.  Then, I went around twice for mine. You could also wrap it, or just add it to part of the form…whatever you think looks best!

At this point, your painted wood should be dry.  Place a piece of transfer tape on top of your vinyl design, and gently peel off the white backing so the adhesive of the vinyl is exposed.  Next, line it up on your wood piece, so it is centered.  Using a burnishing tool, gently press down and rub over the top of the transfer tape to make sure the vinyl is adhered.  Starting at a corner, and peeling at an angle, gently peel the transfer tape off of the vinyl.  

The last step is to add the wood sign to the wreath and hang it up!  

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