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DIY Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder

This is a sponsored post.  I was provided product for this project.  All opinions are my own.

I love anything shiny, don’t you?  When it comes to telling someone “thank you”, or gifting a gift card for a holiday or job well done….I want it to have a little shimmer to it.  That is where this DIY Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder comes in!   I used a new to me material for this project, and I can’t wait to share it with you today!  This will be perfect, and easy, for those end of the year coach gifts, teacher gifts, and spring celebrations.  With the Opal Vinyl from StyleTechCraft, you can easily customize some fun gift card holders for everyone!

Creating this was not without some help from a free cut file.  I love searching for free cut files that I can use and customize to my own projects.  I found this Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder HEREand had it set up in my Silhouette Design software in no time!  I like to gift Starbucks gift cards to a lot of teachers, coaches, etc….because let’s be real, friends. Coaching and working with kids needs a lot of caffeine!

DIY Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder


Vinyl Cutting Machine

StyleTechCraft Opal Vinyl

StyleTechCraft Transfer Tape


Weeding Tools


Glue stick

So, I downloaded this file and set this up in my software.  Then, I used one of my favorite Silhouette Design aspects, the “Offset”.  Offset means you can add a little edge to your cut file, to enhance the border a bit.  I use this a lot, when I want to add extra dimension and I am doing layering with all types of materials.  For this project, I had to offset the coffee cup shape, and the cover.  Otherwise, I just cut the rest of the pieces as they came from the file.

Next, I started cutting.  I began with all my cardstock, and then moved to the Opal Vinyl.  Guys, this vinyl is SO pretty!  I love the shine, and as you can see, it looks so pretty in different lights!  

Once my shapes were all cut, I laid them out to make sure they were all going to fit.  I also added the word “thanks” to my coffee cup label.  You could easily add someone’s name, a heart shape, etc.  So easy to customize!

Then, it was time to start putting it together.  First, I glued the coffee cup shapes together, with the smaller shape on top. Doesn’t that look great with the offset?  It allows you to use coordinating colors, and gives it some extra dimension and sturdiness.

Next, it was time to adhere the coffee cup lid, which was easy peasy with the transfer tape.  

Adding the cover of the cup was a bit of a challenge, and this is why you need to offset it and use the bigger piece.  Otherwise, it won’t fit around the larger shape of the cup. Lay your cover face down, and then center the coffee cup on it.  From there, crease the sides so it folds around the cup, creating a pretty cover.  Then, using the glue stick, glue it around the cup, creating a nice seam in the back.  

I also followed the same procedure when I added the sleeve.  Since this was vinyl, I was afraid it would be a little tricky to line up and fold around the cardstock.  So, before I adhered it, I centered it and also creased the edges so I knew where the folds would be.  This was actually REALLY easy, much easier than I thought, to get it lined up and looking decent on the cup.  

Finally, I added the labels and the text.  To adhere the gift card, I used glue dots, but you could also cut slits in the cup and position the gift card in those as well. Then there is just enough room at the bottom, or even on the back, to sign a name!

It is amazing how something so simple can be embellished and look so pretty with the right materials. This Opal Vinyl is fantastic, and weeds like a dream.  I cannot wait to make more creations with it!



  1. This is very fun. I have never used the offset in the Silhouette. I am going to have to check it out!

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