DIY Cupcake Birthday Party Favors

Birthdays are my favorite thing about being a mom. Birthday cards, cheerful birthday decorations, a good party theme!  It is all something I love.  I want to show my kiddos that their life is so important! Whether that be the message in a birthday card, the decorations, or even on the cake…..all the details matter to me when planning the perfect birthday party.  

When we have a birthday coming up, my crafty side kicks in!  That means I spend time in the months and weeks leading up to the birthday party crafting and planning all the decorations and party favors!  My kids LOVE to come home with party favors.  The party favors typically become my favorite part of the planning process.  They are so fun!  And, with a good theme, you can easily make them to match anything!  Today, I am going to share my DIY Cupcake Party Favors with you!

DIY Cupcake Party Favors

These DIY Cupcake Party Favors bring together all the fun aspects of a party!  You can stuff these little guys like pinatas ~ full of all kinds of fun!

What Do You Need to Make Cupcake Party Favors?

Cardboard Cupcake Forms {I found mine at the local craft store}

Colorful Tissue Paper


ModPodge, Hot Glue

Paint Brushes

Craft paint, buttons, etc.

How to Create Cupcake Party Favors

First, cut your tissue paper into 1 inch wide strips.  I then cut these in half, so they were easier to manage.

Paint a thin layer of ModPodge on your cupcake.  Begin covering it with strips of tissue paper.  Continue this process until it is fully covered.  Set aside to dry for 24-hours.

Next, repeat the same process with your cupcake dome.   Set this aside to dry for 24-hours.  

While these were drying, I painted some buttons to use as the “cherry” on top!  I also added some curly ribbon to the top of some.  To get these to stay, I had to use hot glue.  

Set them aside to fully dry and then fill them with your favorite treats!  Candy, beads, erasers, the possibilities are endless!  

It is fun to create a simple, classic craft like a pinata for a birthday party.  With so many colors of tissue paper and ribbons to choose from, you can really customize these. Plus, this is a great way to get the birthday girl or boy involved in the party planning!  Our summer birthday party is going to be fantastic.   The bright back drop of summer skies, sunshine add so much fun to an outdoor party!  



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