DIY Disney Sign

Create a small reminder of Disney magic for your desk, a party favor, or a fun gift with this DIY Disney Chalkboard Sign.  

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I absolutely love vinyl on a chalkboard background.   Small chalkboard signs make a perfect back drop for the Style Tech Craft glitter and metal vinyls.   As part of a fun agency retreat we have coming up, I created these “magical” DIY Disney signs to add to the “swag bags” we are giving the attendees.  

They turned out SO cute, and I am so excited to gift these to some friends very soon!  

These 5″ x 6″ chalkboards would also be a great way to add labels to a party buffet table, table assignments at a party, or even a fun party favor for a shower or birthday party.’

This is an easy, beginner project for mixing a non script and script font.  The surface is just the perfect size for aligning two complimentary fonts, for a fun and unique finished project.   I think that mixing a non script and script font make the text stand out on surfaces in a unique way.  With a vinyl machine, the text options are endless.  

I like to download free fonts from DaFont.  They have SO many to choose from, and I have always had great luck with them working well for my designs.  

DIY Disney Sign Supplies:

How to Make a DIY Disney Sign:

  • First, choose and download the fonts.  I found both “Think Big” and “The Giant and the Mouse” for free on DaFont.  
  • Set up your “Be The” text first.  Then, set up the “Magic”.  
  • Next, center the “Magic” under the “Be The”.  Now, use your “Group” function in your software to group these together.  
  • From here, size them to fit your chalkboard blank.  Be sure to leave about 1/2 inch or so at the bottom if you are going to be sliding them into a base.  
  • Duplicate this design 3 times, so you have 4 on your screen.   You should be able to cut multiples of these if you need to.    I cut several of each color.
  • Load the vinyl onto the cutting mat, and set the cut settings for Glitter Vinyl.  Then, send it to cut.  
  • After you have cut your designs, it is time to trim and weed them.  Trim them {if you cut multiples} so they are each their own piece.  Then, weed the small insides of the “B”, “a”, and “g”.  
  • Starting at the corner, and gently peeling at an angle, peel the remainder of the vinyl off, and you should be left with the text still adhered to the white backing. 
  • Next, prepare your chalkboard to add the vinyl. To do so, clean the chalkboards with a microfiber cloth.  Lay a piece of transfer tape over the design, turn it over so it’s face down, and starting at a corner, gently peel the white backing off, at an angle.  
  • You should be left with your text on the transfer tape. Align it on your chalkboard. 
  • Using the burnishing tool, gently but firmly go over it to get any air bubbles out and to make sure it is adhered to your surface.  
  • At an angle, gently peel the transfer tape off, and your design should be stuck to your chalkboard surface.
  • For an extra “Disney” touch, discard the dot on the “i” and cut small Mickey heads to use instead!
  • After you are finished, add the Mickey heads for the dot in the “i”, and you are all set!

The possibilities for these chalkboard signs are absolutely ENDLESS!  They would be perfect to label food at a party, and even as a small gift to have on hand.  

What is your favorite way to add some Disney touches to your home or space?  I am SO excited to send these home with friends after our retreat, to remind them that they can be magical every.single.day!

Carrie Hurst

Married to my high school sweetheart, we are raising two pirates and a princess. A lifelong Disney fan, lover of good food, and all things creative, I hope you will join me in sharing joy and making memories everyday.

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