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DIY First Day of School Sign

One of the things I like about back to school time is seeing all the cute pictures on Facebook.   If you are like most parents, you are on the front porch, or in the yard at your typical photo spot, snapping away on the First Day of School.  This year, we have a new twist to back to school in our house…..my daughter is starting Kindergarten.  If this To My Fellow Moms on the First Day of Kindergarten doesn’t just make you cry like a baby….and speaking of a baby, I am sending my baby to Kindergarten……nothing will.

Kindergarten is a huge deal!  As is the First Day of School for all children!   Not only is our little one starting Kindergarten, but her older brothers are starting middle school.  I had posted a picture of my sign on the My Favorite Finds Facebook page, and got lot of likes!  So today, I am going to share how I made this DIY First Day of School Sign.



14×14 Chalkboard {I ordered mine from Amazon}

12×12 sheets of 651 Vinyl

12×24 sheets of Dry Erase Vinyl

Transfer Paper

Silhouette Cameo or craft cutting machine

1.   Open up your software to a blank design screen.

2.  Place a banner at the very top, and then under it add the “First Day of” text.  Size your text so it fits neatly under the inner part of the banner.

3.  Next, add a rectangle the length of your design screen.

4.  Move down to the bottom right of your screen.  Add the text “When I grow up, I want to be:”.  Then below it add a banner.

5. Continue this process until you have the design screen filled.  I just kept sizing and playing around with fonts and banner sizes until I was happy with how it filled the screen.

6.  Save your design to your library.

7.  Load your Cameo with dry erase vinyl and cut all the banners. Be sure to move all the words off the cut screen.  Repeat with the colors of vinyl for your text, being sure to remove any banners so they don’t cut again.

8.  Starting at the top, using your transfer paper, start adding your vinyl to the chalkboard.  I started at the top and worked my way down.


You can create girl, boy, or gender neutral signs.  And the best part, is you can use them year after year. The white is dry erase, making it easy to add the information and snap a few cute pictures.  Stash it away, and use it year after year!

How do you make the first day of school special?

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  1. Great post! Definitely an awesome idea to get some memorable photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. mikal shone says:

    i just loved this idea , on the top of this it will be remembered as a great memory for my kids … thumbs up

    1. Thanks! I love seeing the pictures year after year!

  3. You play very well with this chalkboard sign frame everything is looking well placed. Overall a nice sign for school memories.

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