DIY Flower Shadowbox

Today, I am sharing with you how to make an easy DIY Flower Shadowbox. Shadowboxes make great personalized gifts for wedding showers, Mother’s Day, baby showers, or graduations. Using a few simple supplies, your Silhouette Cameo, and some StyleTech Craft Vinyl, you can create a shadowbox that you will be excited to give to someone. Or, use it to decorate your own home!

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I made a shadowbox as a gift to our daughter for her Confirmation. I used a snippet of her favorite chapter in the Bible, Proverbs 31, and she loved it! It’s important to me that she sees the promises of God in various places every day. I even used part of this chapter to create a Laptop Decal for her. It’s one of her favorite Bible verses, and fits her perfectly.

Aside from gifts, shadowboxes make nice home decor. One of my favorites is the Nativity Shadowboxes I created a few years ago for our Christmas decor. They are so easy and can be customized for any holiday!

I am excited to show you how I created this Flower Shadowbox!

DIY Shadowbox Supplies

How to Make a Flower Shadowbox

First, clean the glass of the shadowbox with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth, and set this aside.

Next, set up your cut file in Silhouette Design Studio. I used two fonts for this project, but you can easily use just one. I like the look of two in this case.

Size your file to match the size of your shadowbox glass. In this case, mine is an 8x8design. Add the vinyl to your cutting mat, and send it to cut.

After your vinyl is cut, weed out the excess, and set aside.

Next, decorate your shadowbox. Remove the backing and set the glass aside. If possible, remove the glass as well. Add a piece of cardstock to the inside of the backing. Then, add the frame back onto the backing, so you have aa boundary for your flowers. Arrange your flowers on the cardstock. If you need to, add some hot glue to keep the flowers adhered to the backing.

Then, add some Transfer Tape to your vinyl design. Starting at the corner, and gently peeling at an angle remove the backing from the design. This should expose the adhesive side of the vinyl. Align this on your glass, and gently press it down so there are no air bubbles. Use a burnishing tool to assure all the air bubbles are out.

Finally, assemble your shadowbox by adding the backing to the glass.

Easy DIY Flower Shadowbox

Tips for Great Shadowbox Results:

Cover the inside of the backing with a coordinating, plain piece of cardstock. This will give it a uniform look under the flowers.

If possible, remove the glass from your frame. Then, place the frame on top of the backing and place your flowers. This gives you a boundary for your flowers, and assures that when you assemble it, it will all fit.

I chose to place my vinyl design on the OUTSIDE of my glass. If you prefer to place it on the inside, you will want to “Mirror” it before you cut it. This cuts it backwards, so when you add it to the inside of the glass, it reads properly from left to right.

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