DIY “Mint to Be” and “Strawberry Kiss” Body Scrubs

I needed a last minute, easy to make Valentine’s Day gift for my daughter’s teacher, to pair with the “You are Loved” sign I made.  DIY body scrubs to the rescue!  I love, love making body scrub not only for gifts…..but also for myself!  I typically have all the ingredients on hand, and I do have an over abundance of Mason jars in all sizes.  So, gathering the supplies to make them is super easy!  Today I want to share my latest two DIY body scrub recipes with you.  One is salty, one is sweet…..and both are perfect little gifts!

Mint to Be Salt Scrub is fantastic.  I love the feel of the Epsom salts, and they are easy to handle in the shower or bath.  Plus, they have a very soft, clean scent.  They make a great base for any salt scrub!  


1/2 cup Epsom Salts

1/4 cup Grapeseed Oil

1/2 Tablespoon Peppermint Extract

Green Food Coloring

Combine the salts and oil in a bowl and stir them well.  You want to make sure your salts are coated well. I don’t like my scrub consistency to be too oily.  So, if you need to add more salts, go for it.  It’s up to you to get the right consistency for you.  I like mine to stay on a spoon, not slide right off when I scoop it.  Next, add the peppermint extract.  This is another place where you want to start with a small amount, because you can’t take it away!  Add the 1/2 tablespoon, and then add more to it if you think it needs a little more scent.  Finally, give it a drop of green food coloring and stir it together.  Spoon it into small jars, and seal tightly with a lid.

The Strawberry Kiss Sugar Scrub is to die for, people!  Think your favorite strawberry lip balm scent…..yum!!  It is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or could be fun for a slumber party activity.   The scent is divine!  


1 1/2 cups sugar

1/2 cup grapeseed oil

1 Tablespoon Strawberry Extract

Red Food Coloring

This comes together the same way the Mint to Be Salt Scrub did.  Sugar scrub has a different consistency, and can be kind of chunky.  So I had to fiddle with the oil and sugar a bit to get it the right consistency.  I don’t like it to be crumbly.  So feel free  to work with the sugar and oil to get it just right.  Start with one Tablespoon of extract, but feel free to add more.  Start with one drop of food coloring, MAYBE add a half drop to get it a little more pink.  Making scrubs is so simple, and they come out great every time!

After I spooned these into jars, I tied a pretty pink ribbon and added a gift tag.  I used my Silhouette Sketch Pens to label the hearts, and then cut the hearts out.  To do this, you first load your machine with the sketch pen and set it to Sketch Pen on the cut screen.  After it has written the words, do NOT unload it.  Just go back, set the edges of the hearts to cut, and remove the text from your screen…otherwise it will cut the words out.  Set your cut to Cardstock, and it will cut the hearts around the words.  Super cute!

What is your favorite scrub recipe combination?  



  1. These would make great gifts and I bet they smell incredible. I will definitely be giving these a try

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Anna! I hope you try them! They do smell incredible, especially the strawberry!

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