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DIY Pantry Labels + Kitchen Organization Tips & Tricks

DIY Pantry Labels are so easy, and they make your pantry look so cute and spruced up for spring! Taking some of these kitchen organization tips and adding some DIY pantry labels, you’ll have an organized and functional space in no time!

I have recently been on a mission to clean and organize our pantry.  It did take me an entire morning, but the result was so worth it! Taking some of my best home organization tips, matching storage containers from Amazon, and a few hours was totally worth the outcome!  Now that it is organized, it is time to add some DIY Pantry Labels! 

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DIY Pantry Labels to organize your home #diypantrylabels #kitchenorganization #homeorganization

Now that our pantry is more functional, I think it is time to add a little “extra” to it, and make some DIY pantry labels. Using removable matte vinyl from StyleTech craft is the PERFECT vinyl for DIY Pantry Labels. While my labels are fairly general {snacks, cereal, etc}, some things are a bit more specific.  If I happen to run out of rice and happen to use the container for quinoa, changing the label is super simple!

Before stumbling upon the matte removable vinyl, I was leery to label my containers.  The permanent adhesive vinyl is so PERMANENT! But, knowing I can switch up the text and colors of my labels makes these DIY options even more appealing!

DIY Pantry Labels to organize your home #diypantrylabels #kitchenorganization #homeorganization

Best Items to Organize Your Pantry

  • Clear Storage Containers.  You can purchase these in multiple sizes, or variety size packs, from almost any retailer. I love the Chef’s Table brand from Amazon. Those are my favorite.  They stack nicely, and they are sturdy. Clear containers allow you to see what is inside {obviously}, and you can tell when you are running out of something so you can replace it. 
  • Using large containers for bulk items is key.  I am a “no packaging in the pantry” person. After tackling the pantry from top to bottom, I decided that no more packaging was allowed, if possible.  This means the rice, quinoa, potato flakes, crackers, cookies, etc…anything that is open and not a “one time use” is in a container.  
  • Organize your foods by zones.  I have several rectangle storage containers for my boxed goods, broths, and condiments.  These are things that are a “one time use”, like boxed mac and cheese or potatoes.  OR, when they are opened {such as condiments} they go in the refrigerator after opening.  I have these arranged by meal helpers, condiments, and spices/rubs.  
  • Turntables are life changing.  I first started using a turntable with my “quick grab” items.  I use peanut butter, honey, cooking spray, and pancake syrup nearly everyday.  So, I added those to a turntable in my pantry.  LOVE it!  I also have one for our spice rubs and pellet smoker supplies.  I definitely can see myself investing in more!
  • Large baskets are perfect for paper towels, trash bag rolls, etc.  I have a giant, woven basket on the floor of my pantry.  This houses our extra paper towels, as well as a bag of potatoes and our rolls of trash bags.  Previously, these things would live in various parts of the kitchen….not anymore!

Now that you have all the supplies and an organized pantry, let’s label!

How to Make DIY Pantry Labels with Removable Vinyl


First, set up your text in your design screen. I chose ROCKWELL as my font. But you can choose anything you want!  Keep in mind, the wider the font is, the easier it is to weed.

DIY Pantry Labels to organize your home #diypantrylabels #kitchenorganization #homeorganization

Next, I started typing all the things I have in my pantry.  I added several “snacks” since I want to keep those general…I don’t want to have to change a label every time I open a new snack! And then I added our staples such as rice, quinoa, oats, etc.  I sized them approximately 4 inches across.  

Then, on the top right of the screen, I chose “Send”.  This sets it up to cut! I chose “Vinyl” under settings, and loaded my vinyl onto my cutting mat.  Then I added it to the machine and set it to cut.  

DIY Pantry Labels to organize your home #diypantrylabels #kitchenorganization #homeorganization

After the vinyl cuts, unload the mat from the machine.  Gently remove it from the mat, and start weeding!

Before I weed, I tend to cut the words out so they are smaller pieces.  This makes the weeding easier for me.

From here, use a cotton ball to gently wipe the area where you will be applying your label with some rubbing alcohol.  This really helps to get it nice and clean so there’s no extra dust or residue.

DIY Pantry Labels to organize your home #diypantrylabels #kitchenorganization #homeorganization

Cover your text with transfer tape, and position it where you want it on your container.  Starting in one of the corners, gently peel it off at an angle.  Done!

DIY Pantry Labels to organize your home #diypantrylabels #kitchenorganization #homeorganization

This was SO easy, and I love how it turned out! Have you started organizing your kitchen yet?  Share your best tips!  

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