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DIY Personalized Tumblers for Kids

Personalized tumblers for kids make a perfect gift year round…but these have a Valentine’s Day twist to them!  Using color change vinyl, I created these “lovely” tumblers to send some extra love and hugs this Valentine’s Day!

This post may contain affiliate links.  See my full disclosure and privacy policy HERE.  I was provided vinyl by StyleTech Craft for this post.  

DIY Personalized Tumblers

Creating Personalized Gifts is Easy

Personalized gifts are my favorite thing ever.  Especially for kids!  Our family is blessed with a whole gaggle of nieces.  Which means I get to create fun, girly things for holidays. I like to send each of them a fun little package in the mail.  Who doesn’t love to get mail? This year, I used some Style Tech Craft Color Change Vinyl, in conjunction with their Transparent Glitter Vinyl to create some DIY personalized tumblers.  

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you know that I am always looking for a blank surface to enhance with vinyl. Cups are my “go to”, easy to make gift.  And, they are really a great project for beginners.  I remember when I first got my Silhouette, I was so overwhelmed! Having a few beginner projects in your crafting arsenal can help you gain confidence and you end up creating some really fun, memorable gifts!


Supplies for DIY Personalized Tumblers 

How to Make DIY Personalized Tumblers

First, open your design screen on your design software.  I LOVE the KG Fonts when making crafts for kids. They are so fun and whimsical!  If you have not downloaded these, you want to! Type the name in your design screen, and size it for your tumbler.  I typed all six names in one design screen, so I could cut them all at once. 

Load your color change vinyl on your cutting mat, colored side facing up. There is a slight learning curve for cutting this vinyl, at least there was for me.  It’s a bit thicker than other vinyls I have used. I did a few test cuts before getting the blade settings how I wanted them.  I ended up cutting it on the metallic glitter setting, but feel free to test it for what works for you.  It weeds well, but can be a little tricky. So a thicker font is ideal.  

DIY Personalized Tumblers

Next, either start a new design screen, or move your words off it it into the gray area. This is where you want to fill your screen with hearts! I have a heart file in my Library, that came with my Silhouette. If you do not have one, you can easily download a free one from a quick search on Pinterest.  I filled my screen with hearts and cut it twice, once in purple and once in teal.  Then, I grouped them all together, sized them a tad smaller, and again cut those out of the rosy color.  For the Transparent Glitter, I used the “Vinyl, Glitter” setting on my cut screen.  Side note…this vinyl weeds like a DREAM!  It’s amazing.

DIY Personalized Tumblers

Now it is time to apply the vinyl!  Cover one of the names with transfer tape, and line it up centered on the cup.  When adhering vinyl to a round surface, line up the middle of the vinyl first, and then smooth it out to the edges. Gently peel the transfer tape and repeat for the other cups.  After this, you can add the hearts wherever they fit best!

How cool is the color change?  This vinyl appears a bright pink, but when it is “cold”, it turns a dark purple/blue color. So.much.fun!  I also appreciate that the transparent glitter vinyl is colored on BOTH sides.  This gives it a great pop of color! 

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You can fill these with so many fun treats!  Candy, pencils, drink mix packets, gum, jewelry, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

DIY Personalized Tumblers


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