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DIY Vacation Stroller Tag

  During the summer, we use our stroller A LOT!  Even though Little Miss is 3, she still likes to ride in the stroller, and let’s face it-we walk faster and can do more fun things if she’s in the stroller.  We usually take our stroller especially if we are doing a lot of walking or are going to be in a crowded place.  And above all, a stroller is a MUST at Walt Disney World.  There are lots of strollers at Walt Disney World.  And it’s kinda like when you get a new car….then everyone you pass is driving that car.  Suddenly, you’re noticing that everyone at Disney seems to have a stroller just.like.yours.  So, what to do?  Why, if you’re me, you make a stroller tag….because it gives you a good reason to paint, play with the Silhouette, all with a purpose-to identify the stroller that belongs to you!

DIY Disney Stroller Tag

DIY Stroller Tag Supplies:

5×7 Wood Corner Plaque {I found mine at WalMart}

Acrylic paint, paint brush

Vinyl {I used Oracal 651 from Expressions Vinyl}, as well as a lighter pink shade from Pick Your Plum



1.  Paint the wood plaque.  I painted mine black, because I knew I was using pink vinyl.  I painted two coats, letting it dry thoroughly between coats.

2.  Using a font from WDW Prep School, set up your Silhouette file.  I used the Waltograph font for the words.  Size it so your text box is about 7.9 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall.  Cut your vinyl, and use transfer paper to apply it to the painted plaque.

Silhouette File for Disney Stroller Tag

3.  For the castle, I used a free download from Crafty Mama-she’s the same sweet blogger I found my Princess Silhouettes on.  Size your castle about the same size as your font.  This is going to go on the other side of your painted plaque.  I also used transfer paper to apply it.  As far as the pixie dust, coming out of the top of the castle, I just took what I could get.  Whatever transferred using the transfer paper was fine with me.

4.  Cut a monogram out of the same Waltograph font you used above.  I also had a file for a crown that I added between the words “Princess Natalie”.

5.  After your vinyl is all cut and applied, put a good coat of polyurethane on it.  This will seal it really well, to hold up against those summer rains-especially in Florida.

6.  Drill two holes in the center of the top of the plaque.  String some ribbon through them, and tie to your stroller handles.

Note:  I really think you could do this with stickers and scrapbook paper.  I’d apply them just the same, and polyurethane over them.  I haven’t tried that, but if you don’t have a Silhouette, it could be a reasonable alternative.  

So, you think everyone will know this is Princess Natalie’s ride?  I sure hope so!



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