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DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Jars

Sharing some sweetness is easy this Valentine’s Day!  These DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Jars are a great gift for teachers, family, and friends!

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Making a sweet Valentine’s Day treat is so easy, and something fun to do with your kids, too!  Adding vinyl to a cute glass jar and filling it with colorful Valentine’s Day candies is a great project for beginners, and frugal!  You can easily make several of these to gift for Valentine’s Day!

I love using glass jars as a blank surface for Silhouette projects.  With such a wide variety of StyleTech Craft vinyl colors and finishes, it’s so easy to add a cute design to a glass jar and fill it with something festive and fun, no matter what the occasion.  My daughter is at the age where she likes to be involved with the crafting when I am using my machine, and I am excited she wants to learn!

Setting up a simple Valentine’s Day design and adding it to a glass jar is a great project for kids who are learning how to craft with vinyl! Since Valentine’s Day centers around candy, filling any size glass jar with your favorite candy is a frugal and sweet gift!

This project only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, and it’s easy to make several to share for gifts!

What do you need to make a DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Jar?

  • Silhouette Cameo or similar vinyl cutting machine
  • Style Tech Craft Adhesive Vinyl {Transparent Glitter Vinyl and Glossy Vinyl}
  • Cutting Mat
  • Weeding Tool
  • Transfer Tape
  • Glass Jar
  • Scissors
  • Candy of Your Choice

How to Make DIY Valentine’s Day Candy jars

First, make sure your glass is clean on your jar. Wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol to prepare the surface for adding the vinyl.  Set it aside.

Second, open your Silhouette Design Studio screen.  Choose the “Text” function, and type the word “loved” in your preferred font.  For this,  I used the “Shielfie” font from DaFont.  You can see how to download fonts to your software in my How to Download Fonts to Your Silhouette Cameo post.

Next, add the words “you are” to your design screen. For this, I used American Typewriter, so I had a script and non script font combination.  The “you are” fit perfectly between the “l” and “d” in “loved”, and I think it’s an easy font to cut and to read.

Then, select both texts, and choose “Group”. This allows you to size them properly for your jar.  Using the little boxes on the edges of the design, click and drag until you have the size that is appropriate for your jar.

While this is selected, right click and choose “Ungroup”, and move the “you are” off to the side you can cut the “loved”.  Add your StyleTech Craft Transparent Glitter Vinyl to your cutting mat, and load it into the machine. Click on “Send” and the cutting will begin! When it is finished, unload the mat from the machine, and repeat the process with the “you are” part of the design.

After this, remove the excess vinyl with the weeding tool.  Cut a piece of transfer tape and add it to the top of your design. Trim it so it fits nicely.  Flip over the design, so it is design side down.  Gently, at an angle, peel off the white backing from the cut design to expose the adhesive of the vinyl.

Finally, align your vinyl on your jar, placing it where you feel it fits best. Gently press the vinyl to the jar, and smooth it out, releasing any air bubbles.  Again, at an angle and starting in the corner, gently remove the transfer tape, and your design should be stuck to your jar!  Repeat this process until your vinyl designs are adhered to your jar.

Fill your jar with your favorite Valentine’s Day candy or some Valentine’s Day M&M Cookies, and give it to someone you love!

Tips for Adding vinyl to a surface:

  • When working with a rounded surface, place the center of the design on the surface first. From there, smooth it out to each side. This makes it look straighter and more aligned on the surface.
  • I turned my jar upside down and applied the vinyl that way so I had a sturdier base to work with.
  • Make sure your surface is clean!  Giving it a quick once over with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball or micro fiber cloth makes the application SO much easier.
  • Use a burnishing tool to make sure your vinyl is nice and secure.
  • Thicker fonts adhere better to smaller surfaces.  They are also easier to weed, and are a little more “sturdy”.

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  1. Such a simple and sweet Valentine’s Day project. Great directions and tips.

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