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DIY Vinyl Decals for Tumblers

Decorating your favorite stainless steel tumbler is so easy. This blank space is perfect for your favorite saying, a monogram, or even a seasonal design! DIY vinyl decals for tumblers are easy to make and turn out beautifully!

I am a member of the StyleTech Craft Design Team. I was provided product from StyleTech Craft for this post. This post may contain affiliate links.  See my full disclosure and privacy policy HERE. All opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things about crafting is personalizing and decorating my projects with my favorite sayings and designs. A stainless steel tumbler makes the perfect background just for this! Plus, they come in so many fantastic colors, and are so fun to coordinate with beautiful vinyls.

Creating a DIY vinyl decal is also great for labeling your child’s water bottle or thermos, too! With back to school upon us, I know you will be labeling things like crazy! And as a mom on the go, you’ll want a cute decal for your tumbler that I’m sure you will take everywhere!

StyleTech Craft vinyl is the best way to personalize your tumbler. The colors and finishes are endless! You can create any design you want-and finish it with a glitter, metallic, luster, or even a classic glossy vinyl. Plus, they have all the weeding tools and accessories for this project.

For best results, you want to use a permanent adhesive vinyl, and choose fonts that are easy to weed and not too delicate.

Materials for DIY Tumbler Decals

Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cutting Machine

StyleTech Craft Vinyl-I used a glitter and a metalized vinyl

Cutting Mat

Weeding Tools

Transfer Tape


How to Make a Tumbler Decal

First, set up your design in your design studio screen. Since I love some Disney touches to my everyday life, I chose the phrase “Magic Maker”. Using the “Mommy, I Love You” and the Fahkwang Semi Bold fonts, I typed each word in their chosen fonts. Then, lined them up so they were a bit offset on my screen.

Use the “Group” function and group them together to size them for your tumbler. I used a large 30 oz tumbler, and a good size for this is about 3″x5″. But feel free to size it how it works best for you!

*This next step is for when you use two different colors or types of vinyl. If you are using the same finish and color for your entire decal, you can just cut it all at once.

Next, “ungroup” your text, and move the “maker” off of the design screen. This allows you to only cut the “magic”. Add the vinyl to your cutting mat, and send it to cut. Next, repeat the process with the “maker”.

Then, weed the excess vinyl and trim the edges of your design. Place a piece of transfer tape over it, on the design side of the cut.

Next, peel the white backing off of the design, and place it on your tumbler. Smooth it out with a burnishing tool, and eliminate any air bubbles. Follow this step again, placing the “maker” on your tumbler. I chose to offset mine from the “magic”.

Best Tips for Making a Tumbler Decal

Use a simple design and text. Don’t use a lot of small design components, or try to cover the entire cup.

A design or font with delicate details will peel off after time. Use something sturdier and thicker.

If you use a script font, be sure to “Weld” it before you cut it. This makes it all one shape, and is easier to weed and apply.

Make the design smaller than you think. It may seem tiny, but it will look better on the tumbler.

Will you be creating your own DIY Tumbler Decal? If so, share it on social and tag “A Princess and Her Pirates” and “StyleTech Craft”!

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