Don’t Miss Family Fun on Disney Cruise Line

Is your family going to sail away on a Disney Cruise Line vacation? You will LOVE it! There is so much family fun aboard Disney Cruise Line. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

While I am sailing away on the Disney Dream, I am having some of my favorite bloggers on A Princess and Her Pirates, sharing some great ideas with all of you!  Today, I have Allison from Jones Family Travels today!  Not only does she have a great site, but they are SO fun to watch on their Jones Family Travels YouTube Channel!  You must check them out!  Today, she is sharing some Don’t Miss Family Fun on Disney Cruise Line!

Don't Miss Family Activities on Disney Cruise Line

With the colder weather, I am starting to daydream about warm tropical breezes.  One of our favorite escapes from the cold is a Disney Cruise vacation.  With over 20 cruises on the Disney Cruise ships, we do spend a lot of time on cruising.  With Disney, there is just so much to love on board the cruise ships.  However, there are a few things you don’t want to miss out on with the family.  These are our must do’s on a Disney Cruise for families.

Pirate Night

Disney Cruise Line

You may be lucky enough to cruise during a Pirate Night.  Select cruises offer this night of swashbuckling fun.  Disney offers special meet and greets with pirates, including Captain Hook, Smee, and Captain Jack Sparrow.  You may also find some other Disney characters dressed up in pirate attire.  The excitement continues during dinner.  The crew is all dressed up in pirate attire and your menu is themed after pirate grub.  After dinner is a pirate party and fireworks at sea.  By the end of the evening, you will be yelling ARRRRR!

Disney Shows

Do you love Broadway?  One of the most amazing perks of a Disney Cruise is the Broadway-style Disney shows.  Almost every evening, Disney hosts a show in the Walt Disney Theater.  Most of the nights it is a Disney themed show.  These shows are spectacular!  You would expect to see these shows in New York City, not on a ship in the middle of the ocean.  

This is a “don’t miss” on any Disney Cruise vacation.  As a Platinum cruiser, we still hit almost every show during our cruise vacation.  Our whole family just loves them! The newest show is Beauty and the Beast on the Disney Dream.  I got to see a sneak peek of this incredible new show recently.  Check out my review in the video below.

First Run Movies

Disney Cruise Line has a movie theater right on the ships called the Buena Vista Theater.  You can grab a popcorn and soda and watch your favorite Disney movies.  These movies are just like what you would watch at home.  They are all first run movies.  The best part is the movies are included with your cruise.  They are not a separate cost.  

During our days at sea on a Disney Cruise, we love meeting up at the theater to watch our favorite movies. You may even be lucky enough to catch a movie in its premier.  We got to see Moana on the opening day of the release on a Disney Cruise!  

Open House in Kids Clubs

Another incredible benefit of a Disney Cruise is the children’s programming.  Disney has activities for the kids in Vibe, Edge, Oceaneer Lab, and Oceaneer Club for teens down to kids.  Each of these areas offer open houses.  This is an opportunity as a family to play in these incredible spaces.  

One of our favorites is the Millenium Falcon in the Star Wars themed area of the Oceaneer Club.  This section is on the Disney Dream ship.  You can actually sit in the driver’s seat and fly the Millenium Falcon.  It is amazing!  

Be sure you watch for the open houses and meet up with your kids to play together, as a family, in these fun spaces.

Themed Dining

When we cruise, our kids are always in the children programming.  The kids love it!  This also gives mom and dad a chance to relax at the spa or in the adult only pool area.  However, we always like to meet up for dinner. The dinners on board the Disney Cruise ships are not like any other cruise line.  You rotate restaurants and each restaurant has an incredible theme.  We have two favorite themed dining experiences called Tiana’s and Animator’s Palate.  

Tiana’s is only on the Disney Wonder.  This restaurant is themed after New Orleans with delicious dishes from New Orleans and a live band.  You may even see Louie playing the trumpet or Tiana.  Be sure you save room for the beignets at the end of your meal.  They are the “bees knees!”

Our other favorite dining experience is on all of the Disney Cruise ships.  This dining experience is called Animator’s Palate.  This restaurant has different theming opportunities.  You may meet Crush from Finding Nemo, or you may see your animation come to life, or you may get to dine with your favorite classic cartoons This incredible restaurant has lots of different shows.  Each show is spectacular and is a must do for the whole family.

There is so much to love on the Disney Cruise ships.  These are our “don’t miss” family fun for everyone.  What is your favorite family activity on Disney Cruise ships?  

Written By Allison Jones:  Allison grew up in sunny Florida, right down the road from Mickey Mouse.  She has spent her entire life either working or playing at Disney World.  She continues her love of Disney as a travel writer and vlogger.  You may find Allison and the whole Jones Family on travel adventures on YouTube or at Jones Family Travels.

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