Easy Back to School Breakfast Idea~Cinnamon Breakfast Bars

Back to school is around the corner!  I was just telling my husband tonight that after a day of fielding questions, feeding and entertaining three sweet kiddos, and swimming, I am ready for school to start.  I say that now, but in the middle of August, when we are the eve of the First Day of School, I won’t be feeling that way!  Getting ready to go back to school puts me into planning mode.  And that includes going back to meal planning and having easy breakfast and snacks on hand to give them variety for breakfast and making lunch packing easy. Today, I am sharing my Easy Cinnamon Breakfast Bars. These are so easy to make ahead, and you will want to have some on hand not only for breakfast, but maybe even for after school munching!

Cinnamon Breakfast Bars are easy to have on hand for quick morning breakfast or an after school treat.

It’s easy for me to slip into “get a bowl of cereal” mode for breakfast.  It is something the older two can accomplish themselves, and easy for me.  But, I also feel mommy guilt when that happens 3 out of 5 school days a week.  I try to make a hot breakfast, or make sure we are supplementing toaster waffles with fresh fruit and some breakfast meat before going our separate ways.  So today I want to share my Cinnamon Breakfast Bar recipe using Quaker Cinnamon Life Cereal with you, in hopes that you will be ready for back to school with me!

Cinnamon Breakfast Bars

4 1/2 cups of Quaker Life Cinnamon Cereal

1/4 cup butter

30 large marshamallows

In a large bowl, melt the butter in the microwave at power level 8 for 30 seconds.  Repeat until it is melted.

Add the marshmallows to the large bowl, and stir to coat.  Place the coated marshmallows in the microwave and begin melting them at power level 8 for 1 minute.  Add another 30 seconds if they aren’t completely melted.  Stir well to incorporate the butter and marshmallows together.

Pour the dry cereal into the marshmallow and butter mixture. Stir until it is well coated.  Spread in a 9×9 greased pan and set aside.  Allow to harden until easy to cut and keep stored in a covered container on the counter top.


My kids LOVE these.  Not to mention the fact that we love to eat Cinnamon Life straight out of the box!  Serve it with some fresh fruit, and we are all set!  This can even be a yummy after school snack.  Speaking of snacks and easy breakfast…….keeping fun, good for you foods in reach is important.

In fact, our kids have their own Kid’s Snacks bin in the pantry, stuffed full of Quaker Chewy Dips Bars-Peanut Butter.  If you have been reading My Favorite Finds long enough, you know how I love my peanut butter and chocolate!   And these are a little better for me, than a spoon of peanut butter and some chocolate chips!  I also recently organized our pantry, adding bins like this one below.  It was a super cheap addition, and makes it easy for my kids to access their snacks that they are allowed to eat, and ones that don’t take a lot of preparation on my part.  To create easy pantry labels, I cut some chalkboard vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo.  Then, I used some Chalkboard Markers to label them.  My favorite one is the one below, for the kids.  It’s a shoe box size plastic bin and it hold granola bars, fruit snacks, etc perfectly!  You can also find chalkboard labels at WalMart in the School/Office section.

So where can you find this yumminess?  You can stock up for back to school snacks and breakfast goodies at your local Walmart!  Even better, the Life Cinnamon Cereal and the Quaker Chewy Dips Bars are in the same aisle!  I even grabbed some instant Quaker Oatmeal in Apple Cinnamon for me!  Mommy needs to eat, too!


Tell me about your favorite way to prep your kids for getting them out the door to school!


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