Easy and Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Easy and cute Halloween costumes for kids are a must, aren’t they? Maybe someday the DIY Halloween costume match will strike my fancy, but not yet.  I hope you find some inspiration for an easy and cute Halloween costume for your kids with these great ideas!

My idea of a DIY Halloween costume for kids is using some heat transfer vinyl to decorate a t-shirt for my daughter. And while that isn’t all bad, I want to so badly be the mom who DIYs the Halloween costume, but sadly I never am. Maybe it’s because we have a fall birthday in our house, and I spend so much time DIY-ing party goods, that I just want to take the easy way and buy the Halloween costume. Are you the same? Or do you prefer to create easy and cute Halloween costumes for your kiddos? 


DIY Cheshire Cat Costume

DIY Miss Frizzle Costume

Easy Emoji Halloween Costume

DIY Raggedy Ann and Andy Costumes for Kids

DIY Paper Doll Costume

Easy Dr. Seuss Costume-The Sneetches

Monarch Caterpillar Costume

DIY Garfield Costume

Paint Brush Halloween Costume

DIY Scarecrow Costume

DIY Fabric Lion Tutu

DIY Baby Owl Costume

Paw Patrol Costume

DIY Minion Costume

DIY Ewok Hood Tutorial

Adorable DIY Bee Costume

DIY Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume

ICEE Halloween Costume

Stick Figure Halloween Costume

Easy Agnes from Despicable Me Costume

AHHHHH!  How cute are all of those?  So much better than what I can make I am sure, and so unique!  I just love the stick figure, ICEE, and Peter Pan Shadow to name a few. And, how cute is the little lion?! Making easy and cute Halloween costumes for kids doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.  If you try one, share it on Facebook and tag “A Princess and Her Pirates”. I’d love to see!


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