Easy Disney Vacation Countdown

So, we love us a good Disney countdown in our house.  The days are passing {slowly}, but there’s excitement every time I change the number!  Last year we did the paint chip countdown-and I wrote a fun fact on the back of each one which made it super fun for the kids.  This year, I wanted something that I could start even earlier-you can only fit so many paint chips on an 11×14 canvas, right?  So after scouring my When You Wish Upon a Star board, I decided to use my Silhouette {shocking, I know} and create this fun countdown to hang in our kitchen.

Disney Vacation Countdown
DIY Easy Disney Vacation Countdown


Picture frame {mine is a Ribba style frame from IKEA, about 11×14 size without the mat}

Scrapbook paper

Washi Tape


Hot glue

Silhouette, Cricut, or you could even use fun Disney themed stickers



1.  Remove the mat from your frame.  Cover it with scrapbook paper, cut to fit.  I used some Disney themed paper, but it wasn’t quite long enough.  So I covered the bottom {the black behind the numbers} with coordinating paper.  Use Washi tape to keep them together.

2.  Using your Silhouette, cut out a Mickey head.  I had downloaded one from a FB group I’m in, but I’m sure you can create your own or use the trace function on your Silhouette to get it.  I cut a general Mickey head out of black vinyl.  I sized it to 10 inches wide, just FYI.  Mount this on the outside of your glass.

3.  Cut the Mickey face out of red vinyl.  Weed out the parts you don’t need, and when you mount it to the black his face will really pop.  I sized this one to about 8 inches, so I had some overlap.

4.  Mount the red Mickey on the black Mickey head.  Smooth out the bubbles {obviously I didn’t get them all….I even tried the pin trick!  I think the vinyl was just not cooperating}.

5.  Cut a fun phrase out of a Disney themed font.  I used “Waltograph” font to cut out “See Ya Real Soon”, as well as the numbers.  Add the phrase to the top of your glass.

Countdown Collage

6.  Next, cut out lots of small Mickey heads.  I just resized my original one.  Silhouette software has this cool function that you can “fill the page” with a shape.  I did that, and then sent it to cut.  It was done lickety split!  No resizing, and I could maximize my paper to get the most Mickey heads possible.

7.  After your numbers are cut {you’ll need two of each number 1-9, as well as a “0”}, stick them on the small Mickey heads.

8.  String a piece of jute, string, or yarn across the front of your frame, with the glass in.  Secure it to the back of the frame.  I just tucked mine in the sides, dabbed it with some hot glue, and put the backing on the frame.

9.  Hang your numbers with small clothespins.

Before you know it, the days will be in the single digits, and you’ll be off to enjoy some magic!

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  1. I adore this! Pinned to my Mickey Mouse Pinterest board. I just threw a Mickey birthday last week! 🙂

    Pretty please share this on a link party that I host with 4 other blogs called Moonlight & Mason Jars!

    Jenn Pilgrim
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