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Easy DIY Epcot Passport Book for Walt Disney World & Five Quick Tips for Visiting EPCOT’s World Showcase

Has your family visited the World Showcase at EPCOT?  If not, you REALLY need to!  It is composed of 11 countries, all in one place.  Food, candies, unique souvenirs, authentic decor, your favorite Disney characters, great photo ops….all with some Disney fun of course!  When our boys were younger, they enjoyed the Kidcot Fun Stops.  Now, our daughter can’t wait to stop at each one! And honestly, I love them, too! Basically, you stop in different parts of EPCOT to do a fun little activity, and get a stamp.  There are also cast members {from their home country} in every shop or restaurant in World Showcase!  I think it’s so cool that Disney really goes the extra mile and hires cast members from each country represented in the World Showcase.  The conversations that you can have with the CastMembers in each country are fascinating! So, I thought it was fitting to make each of our kids an EPCOT Passport.  When we visit each country, they’ll get a stamp from that country.  And, I used a 4×6 photo album, so when we get home, I can put a picture of them from each country-in the page facing the stamp. 


DIY EPCOT Passport Book

As you are creating your book, be sure to hop over to more Disney sites below, to see how you can bring Disney magic home, as well as my Five Quick Tips for Visiting EPCOT’s World Showcase!  This post is packed with a super cute craft, more ways to bring Disney home, and how your family can get the most out of your visit around the world!

DIY EPCOT Passport Book


*4×6 photo album 

*Scrapbook paper

*Washi Tape

*Adhesive Vinyl


1.  Slide the cardboard sheet out of the front of your photo album.  Cover it with Washi Tape.

2.  Cut pieces of scrapbook paper into 4×6 rectangles.  I used my Silhouette for this, but you could just use scissors or a paper cutter.

3.  Cut out a Mickey Head from black vinyl, and adhere it to the washi tape covered insert.  Using scrapbook stickers, or vinyl and your Silhouette, cut out the words “EPCOT PASSPORT and arrange them on the cover.

4.  For a personalized touch, I added a monogram for each of the kids.

5.  Cut 11 Mickey heads out of white cardstock.  These are what will be stamped.  Also, cut the names of the countries {China, Japan, United Kingdom, America, France, Germany, Norway, Canada, Morocco, Italy, and Mexico}.  You can also use vinyl for the Mickey heads, but the stamps or markers they use to draw their flag or stamp your country stop tend to smear a bit.  So cardstock is a bit better, and sturdier.

6.  Arrange the Mickey heads and the names of the countries on your 4×6 sheet of paper.  Slide them into the book, and  you’re done! Upon returning home, you can print off some cute pictures from each country, and slide them into the matching spots.  What a great keepsake!

World Showcase Quick Tip #1:  Give yourself enough time.  With the exception of Frozen Ever After, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, and the bakery in France that open at 9AM, the remainder of World Showcase doesn’t open until 11.  So visit Future World in the morning, with a plan to hit World Showcase in the afternoon or evening.  Each pavilion has SO much to keep you and your children busy!  We like to allow most of the day, after lunch, to devote to World Showcase.  Then we eat a great dinner, and see Illuminations.  

World Showcase Quick Tip #2:  Enjoy Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.  This is a GREAT way to keep the kids focused, entertained, and even educated while you make your way around the World Showcase.  It leads them into the pavilions, or around some of the beautiful landscaped gardens, to find clues.  Our favorite “adventure” is in Germany. Mainly because this is my favorite pavilion all around, and it is a bit smaller than the others.  So if you don’t want to devote a great amount of time to completing all the missions…which can be time consuming, Germany is a great compromise.

World Showcase Quick Tip #3:  Take in the culture.  That is the whole focus of World Showcase! When we did the Pick a Pearl in Japan last summer, we enjoyed the entire process and interacting with the Japanese Cast Members.  My sweet daughter was fascinated by their accents and so entertained by the whole process.  Or in Norway, they had an entire display devoted to the symbolism and historical details behind the FROZEN film.  Then you have the acrobats in Japan, and the mimes in Italy…it is just fantastic and something unique is waiting around every corner.

World Showcase Quick Tip #4:  Take advantage of the Memorymaker photographers and photo ops.  World Showcase is filled with beautiful architecture and backgrounds for photos. Talk about being a great place for some Instagram photos!  This is it! German pretzels as big as your face, beautiful murals and tiled walls, landscaped gardens, and the fountains in Italy are just some of our favorites.  It is not to be missed if you want a great photo opportunity.

World Showcase Quick Tip #5: Take advantage of the festivals.  EPCOT is quickly becoming known as the park of festivals.  There seems to be a festival in World Showcase nearly year round! We have seen Festival of the Arts, Flower and Garden, and Food and Wine.  All of them are unique and so fun!  If you are lucky enough to have a trip planned during one of these, it is definitely worth a visit to see the food booths, the artisans, and enjoy an extra unique experience in this area of the park.

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  1. What a nice idea to take advantage of the Kidcot locations.

    1. Thanks! YES! They are so fun….you might as well have a way to remember it!

  2. My son loved getting passports signed as well. This is a terrific way to turn that into a keepsake!

  3. This is the cutest project! I totally want to make one for my nephew now.

  4. Such a great perspective on this months topic, I’m so excited to explore more of this part of Epcot now!

  5. What a great idea! Your passport looks amazing, like something you would actually find in a Disney shop!

  6. I love this idea so much. And your tips are great!

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