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Easy DIY Laundry Room Sign

Learn how to make an easy, DIY Laundry Room Sign for your home! Decorating your laundry room is easy, and may even make the task of doing laundry more enjoyable.

This is a sponsored post.  I was provided product from StyleTech Craft for this project.  All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.  See my full disclosure and privacy policy HERE.

I absolutely LOVE making signs for our home. Blank wall space? It gets a sign! Front porch? Front door? Chances are, there is or will be a sign on those as well. I love filling our home with words of encouragement, and creating easy DIY signs is one of my favorite Silhouette Cameo projects. It is no secret that I enjoy creating signs for our home!

Since I started crafting with my Silhouette YEARS ago {I am on my second one at this point}, so much has changed with the software, capabilities, and materials. There is a StyleTech Craft vinyl finish and type for nearly every taste and style, and I landed on Polished Metal for this project.

We recently moved into a new to us home, and the laundry room is dreamy. It’s huge, has gorgeous shelves and trim, and is just a happy place! Adding a custom, pretty DIY Laundry Room sign to the space gives it the perfect touch!

Starting with a pre assembled blank makes the process so much easier and quicker, in my opinion. I have done my share of cutting and distressing wood, using vinyl as a stencil and painting the words onto the sign, etc. However, when I can find an already assembled and finished blank surface, it’s a win!

Materials for a DIY Laundry Room Sign

Silhouette Cameo or other vinyl cutting machine

Styletech Craft Polished Metal Vinyl

Cutting Mat

Transfer Tape

Weeding Tools

Sign Blank

How to Make a DIY Laundry Room Sign

First, choose your blank. I chose an 8×15 inch sign from the craft store. The finish is a white enamel, and it is framed with wood. Using a soft microfiber cloth, wipe the enamel surface with rubbing alcohol and set aside.

Second, set up your design in Silhouette Design Studio. First, add the “LAUNDRY”, and this is what you will center the rest of the design around.

Next, click on the Add Text box again, and type “Room”. For this design, I used a combination of a print and script font. I also enlarged my “room” so it stood out more under the “LAUNDRY”. Highlight the “Room” and drag it so it is centered under the LAUNDRY.

Then, I returned to my Library and pulled an accent image from it. I added it to the screen, and sized and positioned it above and below the text.

When you have all your elements on the design screen, highlight the entire thing and GROUP the designs. Then, using the little boxes in the corner, stretch it until it is about 12×5. This is the actual area you will be covering. .

Now, choose your vinyl finish. For this project, I chose a nice Polished Metal in a darker gray color. Add the vinyl to your cutting mat, and load it into the machine. Send it to cut.

After you have cut your design, you need to “weed” it. Weeding is removing all the excess so you are left with a design to apply to your blank surface.

Then, cover your design with transfer tape. Smooth it on the design, and then gently pull the white backing off the design. I start at a corner, and pull at an angle, slowly.

Finally, position the design on the blank. Gently smooth over the transfer tape to release any air bubbles. Again, starting at a corner, gently peel the transfer tape off the vinyl, and your design should be adhered to the surface!

Creating a DIY Laundry Room sign is so easy and freshens up your space! Find more of my favorite StyleTech Craft projects here:

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Carrie Hurst

Carrie Hurst

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  1. Very classy! Enjoy your fabulous new laundry room!

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