Easy LEGO Party Ideas

Legos are still a hot toy in our house.  In fact, our boys are 12, and I often wonder if their love of Legos will extend into their adult lives.  We are talking about boys who go to the library, find the non-fiction section, and come out with “How to Build…… from Legos”.  They are entertained for hours in the basement on hot summer days, creating and building.  Hopefully all this building, creativity, and brick building will serve them well in their careers one day.

So for their 12th birthday, they decided on a LEGO theme for their party.  Of course, this is in line with the popularity of the LEGO Movie, which we watched over, and over, and over on our drive home from Hilton Head last summer.   Yea, they are obsessed.

Creating some easy LEGO party decor and ideas is pretty easy if you have these famous bricks all of your house, which we do.  With twins, it means two of each set, or at least double the LEGOS in many cases.  Knowing we had plenty of LEGOs to use, not to mention some sets from the LEGO Movie collection, we set to work to make some easy LEGO Party decor and centerpieces.  I’m going to share easy LEGO Party Ideas with you today.


Fill a mason jar with LEGOS.  We filled some Mason jars with random LEGOs.   These were perfect for weighing down the balloons for the cake table.  Plus, they made a fun centerpiece.

Go with the primary colors and work with those.  Thankfully, the party section at most stores is stocked with plates, cups, utensils, and napkins in the primary colors.  I picked up some yellow plates, blue table covering, and red cups.  We were all set, and it saved me a ton of money instead of buying the Lego themed ones from the party store.


Create your own themed decor!  The boys set to work to make a number “12” and an “L” and an “H” from Legos to put on the counter where the guests were getting they food.

Fill small jars with Legos to display the utensils at the buffet line.  I tell you, you can use Legos for just about anything!  The more pieces we stuffed in the jars, the nicer it held the utensils.  It worked out awesome!

Pull out your favorite creations!  My boys spend so much time putting their Legos together. They were more than excited to pull out some of their bigger creations to use as centerpieces and to adorn the cake table.

Go with a Lego themed cake.  We are so blessed to have a sweet girl in our church who makes some super awesome cake!  This teenager is so talented, and I am always happy with the results!  She baked the boys a fun Lego Movie cake, and embellished the edges with those fun Lego candies!  Love!


Having a Lego themed party when you already have more Legos than you can ever ask for is easy!  I love that we saved so much money on a themed party for our boys.  We just went down to the toy room, and started building and collecting Lego sets for their party.  They were happy with the theme, it saved us some money, and Legos are something they really love!


What frugal, easy ideas do you have for birthday parties?

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