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Our Saturdays are often spent on the soccer field.  Most weekends, it is an hour on a Saturday afternoon, enjoying the sun and watching our oldest play a game.  Now that the season is coming to a close, we are in the midst of soccer tournaments.  This means more hours on the soccer field, more prep for me the night before, and I feel like I need to have more options to keep him hydrated and fed between games.

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One of his absolute favorite foods is fresh fruit.  It always has been.  I’m so blessed that all my kiddos love some fresh fruit, but taking it places like the soccer field, isn’t always easy.  His soccer tournament schedule calls for 5 games of 15 minutes with a 10 minute break in between.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time to hydrate or eat something substantial to keep his energy up.   So, I decided I’d come up with a creative way to package fresh fruit and pick up some POWERADE® to share along the sidelines at the tournament.


The day before his tournament, I picked up some fresh fruit at WalMart.  I purchased a cantaloupe, strawberries, and some grapes.  I also found these small, disposable containers that were perfect for a good serving of fruit.  They were awesome!


They kept the fruit safe from being smushed in the cooler amongst the ice and POWERADE® I had in there.  Each teammate could take his own container and a fork, and munch between games.  I also found a a coupon on the 12-pack 12 oz POWERADE® packages for $1 off Walmart fresh produce when you buy two 12-pack 12 oz POWERADE®. Hurry this deal is only available while supplies lasts!


While at WalMart, I also found these 12 ounce 12-packs of POWERADE®.  I love the size of these little guys!  They are a great serving size for kids who love flavored drinks while on the soccer field.  I like my son to drink water as much as possible, but I also understand that something with flavor is good for him as well.  So we compromised with the smaller bottles of POWERADE®.  They packed so nicely in the cooler, and it wasn’t like we had larger bottles of drinks laying around going to waste.  Also, the other moms and I were glad to know that POWERADE® was refueling our kiddos with the lost electrolytes that come out of their bodies when they sweat.  The ION4® Advanced Electrolyte System helps replenish four electrolytes lost in sweat: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

What are some creative snacks you take for the sidelines during soccer games?  I’d love to hear about them!  Share them in the comments!

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  1. What a great idea – I love those individual packs! Powerade is a must for us in this heat too. 🙂 #client

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