Fairy Garden Fit for a Princess


My daughter started some flower seeds in a “fairy garden” she had received in her Easter basket.  It is one of those little plastic greenhouses that you decorate on the outside, and then plant the seeds to grow them until they are mature enough to plant in the flower bed. Well, this put the idea of an actual fairy garden in her little head, so we decided to make our own  Fairy Garden fit for a princess.  This is quite possibly the most fun, and adorable, project we have done together!  It makes a cute addition to our front porch, and we both just love it!


We started out at Wal Mart and picked up some Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix in the yellow bag.  I found the 2 cu. foot bag outside the garden center at my store.  From there, we headed to the garden section to get some garden gloves and small flowers.  When creating a fairy garden, it is important to have low growing plants, like succulents.  I know that with the Miracle Gro Potting Mix the flowers will grow twice as big versus unfed plants,  but we still want them to be low to the ground.  I like the succulents, and for some color, we chose some low growing plants with very small flowers.

WalMart Collage

Next, it was off to the craft store.   We found a whole section of an aisle dedicated to fairy gardens!  We were in heaven.  So many cute things to choose from!  Swings, gates, wheelbarrows, tables, chairs, you name it we could find it!  We left with a gate, two fairies, a mailbox, a bridge, a cute white fence, and some more adorable things.

To make your own fairy garden, you will need the following:

Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix

Medium Size Flower Pot

Garden Gloves

Fairy Garden Decor

Small, low growing flowers


Fill your pot with the Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix.  Be sure you use gloves.  Next, plant a few flowers and pat down the potting mix so it is flat.  This worked well for positioning the fairy garden props.  Next, begin arranging your fairies in their garden.  This took some trial and error, and we even moved our items into a larger pot than we had originally intended.  Before we knew it, we had a super cute and easy afternoon project!  Now we have a fairy garden fit for our princess on our front porch, ready to welcome guests.  Plus, it gives my daughter something to take care of.  Since the potting mix will feed the plants, she gets to water!  She likes to water the flowers in it :).


Will you create a special, whimsical Fair Garden for your outdoor landscaping this year?   I hope so!




  1. Super cute. I love all the little fairy details. #client

    1. Thank you! We are getting so many compliments on it, too!

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