Fairy Party Centerpieces

We had a fabulous Fairy Garden party to celebrate my daughter’s 4th birthday!  From the invitations from Shutterfly, to the Pixie Dusted shirt I made with my Silhouette, to the touches of Tinkerbell, our 4 year old Fairy Party was perfect!  I created these whimsical centerpieces from items I had at home….with the purple and green color scheme that we had for the party.

Fairy Garden Party Centerpieces using #PickYourPlum and #DollarTree items.  So cute and easy!  These would work with any little girl party color scheme!

Fairy Party Centerpieces


*Terra Cotta flower pot

*styrofoam cubes

*dowel rods


*acrylic paint

*hot glue

*artificial grass, flowers, butterflies {I found mine at the Dollar Tree}



1.  Paint your dowel rods with a bright green acrylic paint.  Allow it to dry.  Once it is dry, brush on some layers of glitter paint, such as the DecoArt Glamour Dust or Craft Twinkles.  Martha Stewart Glitter paint will work as well.

2.  Cut a small piece of styrofoam to fit in the bottom of your flower pot.  This is what you will use to hold the dowel rods in the flower pot.

3.  Cut some ribbon to various lengths.  Begin gluing the ribbon and artificial butterflies and flowers around the top of your dowel rod.  Put the ribbons on first.  Then, add the butterflies and flowers.

4.  Using hot glue, secure some coordinating grosgrain ribbon to the edge of the flowerpot and add another artificial flower or butterfly.

5.  Arrange your dowel rods in your styrofoam at the bottom of the flower pot. Cover with artificial moss or grass.


After I created these, I also used my colorful tins from Pick Your Plum to make smaller butterfly gardens.  I used craft sticks instead of dowel rods, and placed them in various areas of the party-on the tables, cake table, etc.

How do you create special favors or decorations for your children’s parties?  I couldn’t believe how sweet and adorable these turned out!  I think I’m going to use them in her room as accents, too!



  1. So pretty, they put a smile on my face immediately.

  2. How cute! I reviewed a fairy garden kit on Monday on my blog that your little one might like for Christmas! Fairy gardens are fun! 🙂

  3. How cute is this fairy party?? ANY 4 year old would love it. Pinned.

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